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Support quality journalism with the necessary resources to provide you even more and better news so that you can be the first to know, or as our tag line says, so that we can bring you tomorrow today.

In return you get a free bonus poem written by us exclusively for subscribers. We hope you enjoy it:

To be free,

or play the tune of masters.

To maintain control,

or be the slave of others.

To strive,

or succumb to circumstances.

To be,

or to become others.

To sacrifice all today for tomorrow,

or all tomorrow for this very fleeting today.

To love even those who walk upon all,

or stand and sacrifice ones own.

To dream

or to be a cynics lord.

Comfortable at home

or comfortable in the outside world.

To shout or patience court.

To wait or to become.

The devil within slay,

or the priest uphold,

or in the middle walk.

To courage take,

or from it run away.

To subtle play,

or bulldoze the way.

To please when no one tries,

or please exactly then.

To give the present pleasure,

or give the future sway.

To hold that very twilight,

between that light and dark,

and see just which is what,

proclaims our foolish mind,

and your bonus poetry,

we hope your subscribing kind,

very much liked.

For we know nothing,

except for what we know.

Welcome to Trustnodes.


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