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Microsoft Builds a New IoT Robot


Microsoft has presented an IoT powered robot called bamboo that has “human like” sensing abilities. It uses real sense cameras to capture information and “create a high level of computer intelligence about the environment and objects within it, making [it] capable of autonomous behavior.”

The robot is a showcasing of current capabilities and is being used to help parents of children with diabetes who can remotely program it to remind their children to check sugar levels.

The robot runs on Windows 10 IoT Core and has access to Microsoft Azure cloud services and “cognitive services” powering it with sentimental analysis capabilities as well as the ability to translate into its native language of English any other language, allowing it to understand your mood. According to an Intel factsheet:

“Bamboo can move about and build an understanding of its environment with the compute platform and an Intel® RealSense camera, and is animated via the EZ-Robot EZ-B control system.”

This is all very much futuristic and made possible by a combination of recent factors that have driven prices down to production use. The rise of cloud servers, data analytics, sensors, wireless technology, has allowed developers to create a whole package which gives machines a highly primitive ability to feel, the ability to see through cameras, the ability to have some knowledge through data analytics and the ability to have memory through cloud computing.

They can now move around and due to wireless technology can still have the same capabilities seemingly turning into reality the futuristic visions of the 80s and 90s.

Of particular relevance is their combination with blockchain technology which gives them the ability to hold and transfer value, automating economic activity. In combination with other recent advances, a powerful holistic picture of a new world arises, where a little bamboo robot is your cute pet you can send to the shop to buy you some milk, daily tasks are automated, manual labor a thing of the past, man freed to engage in intellectual tasks.

The ramifications are likely to be profound as man gains a new power he has never had before and our abilities are extended beyond just vision, hearing, distance, but primitive intellect itself as we order machines according to our own intellectual capabilities to perform automated tasks of presumably ever increasing complexity.

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