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More Than 30 Projects to Demo at the International Blockchain Week


The International Blockchain Week, composed of Devcon2, where numerous demos and announcements are expected, the Demo Day, the biggest showcasing of live blockchain projects ever, the Blockchain Summit, where household names from Tencent, Microsoft, IBM, Santander, UBS, and many others, are to announce and present – is the biggest event in the blockchain space.

We give a sneak peak of what you should expect in just one day, the Demo Day, hosted by ChainB, where 31 blockchain projects are to showcase. They include (in no particular order):

VeChain – A new start-up that recently signed a service contract with the world’s largest air and sea freight business to smartify assets, especially luxury goods. They will be presenting Qtum, a new blockchain which, according to Patrick Dai, CTO of BitSE, the company that launched VeChain, will be a new public blockchain.

No further information is known at this point, but the team that counts former employees of Tencent and IBM, will showcase a new system that identifies property with the aim of making theft or fake goods nearly impossible.

DGX – DigixGlobal will present DGX, a gold backed token based on Ethereum’s blockchain. They will further showcase Digix DApp 2.0 and share the value proposition of gold-backed stable coins.

Decentralized Capital will present their new project which converts fiat currencies, such as dollars or euros, into their own digital currencies, giving them largely the same qualities of eth or btc and further enabling decentralized exchanges.

DeVita – The project aims to provide a decentralized bounty solution market, based on blockchain tech. We have little details besides what is stated on their website, so we look forward to learning more on Demo Day.

Trusted Key Solutions – The project aims to make key handling far too easy for everyone. They are further working on blockchain based identity systems which promise the digitization of official documents, the eradication of identity theft, the minimization of fraud through easy proof of signed documents, and much more. They compete in a busy, but highly promising, field, so we wait to see what they present.

Virtue Poker – There is little information about this project as we could not find a working website. It seems, however, to be a competitor to Rouleth and it may well be the case that they are to launch on Demo Day itself ( we have no information or indication).

Benefactory – An ethereum based app that lets individuals come together to fund a common cause. A mixture of crowdfunding combined with charity.

Cardano Labo – A Vietnam based blockchain company that, according to their website, focuses on the entertainment industry. They have a wallet and exchange, but what they will Demo in Shanghai we do not yet know.

STABL is probably a blockchain start-up that is trying to provide a stable coin through the use of data analytics and other factors so as to avoid any volatility. However, we currently have as good as no information about this project

WeiFund – A blockchain based crowdfunding platform that aims to minimize, if not eliminate, scam cowdfundings by using smart contract technology to give investors far more power than they currently have in traditional crowdfundings.

Blockchainfirst – Little is known about this new Singapore based start-up, but their Ethan IoT Platform, which connects physical devices to the blockchain, suggests they are tackling the same problems as Chronicled and VeChain.

Velocity – A blockchain based derivatives marketplace that allows traders to hedge as well as decentralize margin trading. The project was built within a VC backed company, Bitaccess, which seems more focused on Bitcoin ATMs, but Velocity is unrelated from what we are told.

Fluent – Reverberating with confidence, Fluent declares they are “the financial operating network for global commerce.” No one can say they lack ambition, nor can anyone really say what their product is, but they count Boost, Fenbushi Capital and Thomson Reuters among their logos as well as a former Head of Tech and Partnerships at Google as director.

Cora Legacy – Unfortunately we have no information on this project at this point in time. This page will be updated once we receive more information.

Ripio- Bitpagos is well known in the bitcoin community for their work in Latin America where inflation runs at 40% in some country. Their wallet, Ripio, is the most popular in the South American continent. They are to demo a new service, Ripio Credits, which, according to Juan Jose, a Ripio spokesman, allows for “convenient credit payments as an alternative to “traditional” Bitcoin payments.”

Ujo Music – They helped Imogen Heap to release her song – Tiny Human – on ethereum’s blockchain, so that she can directly connect with her fans. After a period of relative quietness, they are now back and active to tell us what they’ve learned and showcase where they are going.

ZhongTopia – We have little information on this project except for indications that it has something to do with insurance. This page will be updated with more information.

PassLFix – This Moscow based start-up wants to smartify your luggage and your posted documents. According to their website, they use sensors, gps, blockchain tech, to allow you to track any item you send, making sure it almost never gets lost. As usual, the trick is in the details, so we look forward to them on Demo Day.

We have presented above 18 out of 31 projects. This page will be updated with the rest as we learn more, but they are just the tip of the icebearg. Devcon2, which runs for three days, will itself include many demos and announcements. We are aware of Uport, for example, and some others, with further demos and announcements expected at the Global Blockchain Summit.


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