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Ethereum Google Searches Spike to an All-Time High


Interest in ethereum keeps growing according to google search trends which have recently seen a spike wordwide with the strongest growth in ethereum searches shown in Switzerland, a country where the Ethereum Foundation is based and hosts the Crypto Valley.

The second most interested country is Venezuela. They have been going through some very difficult times, with inflation at high triple digits. The people there have risen against the socialist regime. The situation therefore is overall very chaotic and uncertain, which might have led some to perhaps hedge with eth.

Netherlands, where the national grid announced a blockchain pilot, and Austria come third and fourth, with South Africa the fifth most interested country in eth.

The first two are pretty close to Germany where recently hundreds of ethereum powered charging stations for electric cars were launched by a subsidiary of Germany’s energy giant Innogy.

As for South Africa, not much eth related news has come out from there, but they are one of the wealthiest nation in Africa, enjoying decent internet connections while suffering from some levels of inflation.

Google searches for ethereum spike to an all-time high.

US comes at 11th position, followed by Germany, UK and France. The results are however very much Google centric. There are many countries which hardly use Google, such as China and, more significantly, South Korea.

The latter has shown incredible interest in eth, with their top three exchanges handling twice the volume of Coinbase’s GDAX and Kraken combined. The reason is probably because of their interest in gaming as well as advanced tech such as robotics and artificial intelligence.

Worldwide, google searches for eth have doubled in just one week. The platform has enjoyed a multitude of positive news which suggest its utility is considerably increasing. It has also gained attention due to the many ICO sales raising millions in minutes.

Its price has risen from $15 to $80 in just two months, with eth’s market cap rising from $1 billion to more than $7 billion, while online activity has significantly increased with eth’s trading space attracting some 1,550 online active users. An incredible number and more than all of bitcoin’s subredits combined.

That has led to talks of a flippening, a point when eth’s market cap overtakes bitcoins, but while its price might have some way to go for that to be achieved, as far as attention and focus is concerned, such flippening might have happened.

That’s because bitcoin gives us little to talk about nowadays except for the blocksize “debate” which makes some sick at just hearing the words. Eth, on the other hand, has developed a significant ecosystem with many innovative projects, creating a positive, and even booming, atmosphere.

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