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The Combined Market Cap of All Ethereum Based ICO Tokens Reaches $1 Billion


The value of all ethereum based projects which have raised funding through an ICO token sale has surpassed $1 billion today as interest continues to increase across the board.

Golem has taken top position among all ethereum based tokens, reaching a market cap of some $204 million, up some 25x from their token sale funding of around $8.6 million.

They are soon to launch a main-net version of a worldwide supercomputer created through bundling resources, such as CPU power, offered by anyone with a laptop or other computer devices, to then make them available for use by researchers or anyone who needs resource extensive services.

In second place is Augur, followed by Gnosis. Both are an ethereum prediction market with Gnosis raising $12.5 million in around 10 minutes just last week at a valuation of $300 million dollars.

The way the auction was carried out means only 10% of the tokens are available on the market, leading to some debate on how exactly their market cap should be measured.

Coinmarketcap says it should be measured by only counting tokens in circulation. By that measure, the project has gone up some 10x just after launch, giving it a market cap of some $117 million, while counting all tokens sends them to more than $1 billion.

DigixDAO comes in the fourth position with a market cap of around $70 million. They aim to create a stable coin by pegging tokens to gold thus in a way creating digital gold.

The only token in the top five down today is SingularDTV, a project that aims to bring ethereum’s smart contracts capabilities to the movie industry. They have fallen almost 10% just today, but still enjoy a market cap of $65 million.

Overall, there are 29 ethereum based tokens live trading as measured by coinmarketcap just under two years after ethereum has launched. In combination, they are valued at around $1 billion, with each having its own project.

Most are still under development or soon to launch, with many of them probably going live this year. That means an entirely new ecosystem has been formed with a very new way of raising money and funding projects, enjoying far more success than VC funding alternatives in the blockchain space.

That also probably means there will likely be hiccups on the way as a very new path is being formed which has not been travelled before.

All ethereum based ico tokens listed by coinmarketcap


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