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Ethereum Ecosystem Grows to More Than 400 Projects


Ethereum is not yet two years old, but the platform has attracted more than 400 projects ranging from gaming to healthcare according to Marc Thalen, founder of He told Trustnodes:

“I started the list with everything that was listed on State of Dapps and then searched on Reddit for new ones and updates. Requirements is that it must have information online and non-anonymous. I am currently making a tool to measure their value by taking the crowdfunded amount in eth * current eth value at that time and importing risk analysis from icoreport.”

A somewhat incomplete list of current eth dapps by category.

The most popular category is gaming with a number of project attempting to bring blockchain’s functionalities to fantasy games to reduce cheating while allowing value transfers in a more transparent manner.

Interestingly, a significant amount of projects are in development tools. That includes TokenCard, which claims to be an ethereum based smart contract debit card, but does not list MetaMask or Infura, with the latter not found on the site at all.

The list, therefore, is incomplete, somewhat relying on users to add new projects. Moreover, the provided information for each project appears to be sparse, lacking even an image, but the aggregate data is somewhat interesting.

There are seven projects on governance, for example, and two on music. It doesn’t include a hot new category – energy – but it does say there is one project on transportation.

A more interesting aggregate categorization would have been the inclusion of consortia projects, such as JP Morgan’s Quarum, or in development tools such as Polkadot or Chronicled use of ethereum’s public blockchain for goods authentication.

But, even with an incomplete list, it’s interesting to see how many ethereum projects have launched in such a short time. As one might expect, since the platform is still very new, most are in development or at the prototype/demo stage, but some 32% are already live.

Status of ethereum dapps

Additional information could have been added to the list, furnishing it perhaps with known valuations of the projects as well as other information such as team, launch date and maybe even a rating, but that might be just another eth project in development that may soon launch.


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