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Coders of the World, Unite, The Future is Ours


“From every walk of life, from every corner, a caravansary of billionaires, playboy publishers and their blond nurses, heiresses comparing inheritances, gossip columnists, alongside gangsters and governors exchanging telephone numbers, film stars, Broadway directors, morality protectors, high school defectors, and a dubious descendant of Beethoven.”

Utopian talk is often frowned upon because the last time it was uttered communism went on to destroy many lives. An intellectual class purged. The free thinkers lined up against a wall and shot by an ostensibly ideological government which really was far more keen to protect and maintain their own power and privilege.

But that’s politics, the devil’s game which usually ends up in mass death, like 1914, like 1940, and, yes, like September 11th 2001, when, some say, our peace was stolen, our optimism turned into fear, our hopes turned into hate.

Or so they wished. For a generation, the biggest currently in existence and perhaps in history, a generation students and the young look up to, a generation which has experienced large scale global peace – the millennials – at home with code, computers, smart phones, deeply suspicious of central authority, is now rising.

Racing. Because the world is currently running in two parallel tracks. On the one hand we have the devil’s game of geopolitics, an ancient, tribal, confrontational, zero sum, tit for tat game which always ends in destruction and, on the other hand, we have a new powerful technological force which promises to extend our abilities, from feet (distance), hearing, vision, and now thought itself through code that obeys our intellect.

The power our generation currently has is greater than any in history. Our elders have no clue, probably don’t even know how to use email and are most likely scared at even images of simple if:then while:else code.

Hierarchy has not yet been established. Coding skills, in fact, are probably far more accessible outside of any stiff upper lip gilt, with intelligence alone able to determine capability in a unique time of true meritocracy as far as this very specific field is concerned.

A field which is very new. Not quite comparable to previous inventions like energy, or trains, or airplanes, for the barriers to entry are almost non-existent. Except one, reason, and that ancient cry of our genes since man has ever been – objective righteousness.

Our elders think such righteousness is served by bombing innocents in faraway countries full of illiterate people. And when the best of those people rise like any red blooded man would if occupied they escalate it further, to the point of raising the specter of outright deportation of tens, maybe hundreds of millions of individuals.

For our good, presumably, just as we were plunged into debt right after coming of age in 2008, fresh from university, into the worst economy of a century. Just, presumably, as their open and public talk of finding an enemy comparable to the USSR was for our own good in 2001.

But there’s an alternative based on technological advancements, especially now that we hold some power, for we occupy key positions in all industries, all countries, for we have greater knowledge and ability, for we are the future itself. An alternative we can now bring to the entire world, in the west, in Arabia, in the east, and if Musk succeeds, to Mars too.

For the politics of hate are not to our benefits but to a tiny class as shown by the ever increasing inequality, largely a product of the banking collapse almost a decade ago.

Lucky for them, this digital revolution is driven by the free world, so their heads are not at risk like the French kings, or Russian czars, but they have clearly lost the debate.

Because if we are at war with anyone, we can win it by offering hope, not hate. We can win all our enemies, domestic or foreign, by promising to bring a great new future for all. Whatever ideologies, we can offer accommodation in a world where flying cars are a thing.

Instead of giving into hate as we have been asked for 15 years and have refused – a refusal now backed by our youngsters who are following us – we maintain steadfast that inspiration of intellect, hailing that ingenuity of creativity, striving for that meritocratic leveling, calling inclusivity, east and west, south or north.

For we are all one. All men of god. Whatever god that may be. Women too, transgenders or no genders. And united we strive to perform our duty of advancing higher, faster, stronger, better, in an ever more complex, ever more fascinating, exponentially intellect increasing, existence.

Still, some want us to kill illiterate innocent peasants. But how much nicer to use those rockets towards moon bases, Mars, outside our solar system, outside our galaxy.

Some want us to focus on irrelevant minute differences which, really, are almost non-existent at a human level, but how much nicer would it be if we judged each other by our character and held strong, east or west, against our elite’s predictable divisive games?

Some think extermination can be an answer, but how much would that set back our collective intellect? Need anyone remind us Einstein, who fled Nazi Germany, was perhaps a crucial reason for our defeat of Nazi Germany?

Nay, there is only one solution men. While bombs drop, trucks drive into people, we code. We code the blockchains and we code the smart contracts. We code the banks and we code the music websites. We code the airplanes and we code the Mars rockets.

We code because these bombs are temporary, fickle things, but our code. Our code is transforming the world. Robots, artificial intelligence, smart contracts, blockchain tech, data analytics, deep algorithms, Musk’s rockets, we code.

We code because a digital revolution is underway. A revolution that has transformed many industries and is in the process of transforming far more. Not in the French style. We are British or British derived. Our revolutions are glorious, incremental, voluntary, consensual.

So rise, men, women, from east to west, Arabia, Africa, south, north and the rest. Because we are the only hope the world has to bring back that pre-9/11 optimism we were allowed to taste and now must have.


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