Ethereum’s Market Cap Rises to $17 Billion, Overtaking Twitter – Trustnodes

Ethereum’s Market Cap Rises to $17 Billion, Overtaking Twitter


Ethereum’s market cap has now overtaken Twitter’s as the digital currency experiences a spring which has never been seen before in this space at this rate, rising from $1 billion near the beginning of the year to now $17 billion, the highest ever achieved by any digital currency except for bitcoin.

The platform has expanded blockchain’s application to almost every industry imaginable. From cars to South Korea’s giant, Samsung. Banks and clearing houses, of course, but also supply chains, record keeping, as well as music, games, e-sport, and energy, oil, national grids.

On top, it is creating new business models through token sales ICOs which were recently valued at a combined $1 billion with numerous new projects funded directly by the people rather than gatekeeping Venture Capitalists or other intermediaries.

Ethereum promises to bring back the decentralized internet through social networking projects like Akasha.

It promises to bring back our internet and decentralize it, with projects like Akasha looking to launch a censorship resistant and transparent social network to compete with Facebook and others.

That freedom seeking creativity and energy has brought out the artists which descended at the Ethereal summit on Friday to talk about music, games, sport and art, as well as the rest.

In combination this has created a movement and what may become known as the ethereum dream. The best of this generation are no longer numbing their brains with how to get people to click adverts, but how to get some of the new gold rush which dares talk of changing the world.

An etherean shares the moment he became a millionaire.

Millionaires are being minted in a boom the likes of which this space has never seen. This generation has finally risen and they are sticking up their fingers to our elders who sent us to war and keep us at war, who bankrupted our nations and plunged us in debt.

Well, we are opting out. We are creating our own banks and our own virtual governments. We are creating our own money and our own laws. We are creating our own rules, and our own communities.

Because this is our Woodstock. This is our 90s. And since we are British or British derived, we do it gloriously, consensually, with persuasion, by showing how it can be done just far better for the benefit of all.

So everyone is flocking and no one wants to wait. Eth’s price has more than doubled in just a few days. It’s market cap is up 17x – $1 billion at the beginning of the year now more than $17 billion.

The people’s money is roaring – price source cryptowatch.

After nearly a decade since digital currencies were invented, they are now reaching a tipping point. A new awareness is rising across the globe that there is something here, something which could change the world.

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