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Rise, Millennials, Rise, the Blockchain Spring Has Arrived


There may be no greater story to be told by future generations than the spring we may now be experiencing. No artist might find greater inspiration than in the story we might tell for we might, by candle light, have achieved what some thought impossible.

The young won’t know and the elders have forgotten, but we were stolen our peace on the 11th of September 2001, just when a new millennium had dawned, when we were dreaming of a very new world, when our confidence was unshakable, when peace ruled the world.

Some may forget, but we will not, that moment when millions marched in rain and were fully ignored. They could not believe it. They were traumatized. Clinging in denial, to a past that had gone.

Millions march worldwide against the Iraq War in 2012-2013.

Some may forget, but we won’t. We won’t forget that talk in the late 90s about the glorious peace being temporary, about the need to find an enemy. We won’t forget because we have tasted peace and thus we must have it.

We won’t forget watching our neighbors being vilified, scapegoated. Struggling internally with our mind saying it’s very improbable while our body shaked. We haven’t forgotten either that the Arab dress was once an exotic wear of amusement, like the Buddhist orange.

Yet in 15 years we have killed 3 million Arabs. To what end? The Jews won’t stop talking about the Nazis killing 6 million of them, and they won’t stop talking about it very rightfully, because it should be a warning, but on our watch, 3 million people have been killed.

To what end? To what benefit? Look at America’s skyscrapers. They look like they are stuck in time, something from the 60s, or maybe 90s. Decaying, when compared to the shiny new flashy Chinese skyscrapers, or even those of Europe, in London of course, but also Paris.

The business district of Paris, France.

It is no surprise voters are revolting, going for Trump, going for Brexit, but only this space can provide the actual solution because only we can offer hope. Only we allow the people of Arabia and America, Europe and China, to dream again about things which unite us.

Only we turn the focus away from divisive rhetoric and to science, technology, the future, conquering the stars, Mars, making things better, more just, for everyone, whether in illiterate lands or our civilized west.

It is only us that can extend a hand, not presidents. It is only us that can offer hope, and the opportunity for change. It is only us that can form that creative energy which inspires all, brings in the artists, raising those calls for peace and love.

It is only us, like our parents in the 60s, that can stand up to darker forces and simply discredit them far more effectively than their attempts to discredit others. For light shines bright over darkness and dawn must follow the night.

A dawn which we have long waited for may be here. Science, innovation, prosperity, creativity, unity, a focus towards higher, stronger, faster and better, might once more become the focus.

And the driver is this space. In one of the darkest hour our generation has experienced, when the banks went under, bankrupting nations, ruining the dreams of many, a consensual solution was brought to the world.

An idea which applies the insight of Frederick Hayek, who, after studying money for all his life declared that the regulator of the free market, money, itself must be regulated by the free market.

An idea which has political support at the highest levels, including probably Trump himself (or his close advisors) as well as the British Prime Minister (the former British chancellor actually bought a bitcoin).

Yet, from the top they can’t do much. They’ve never driven the world. That’s always been, and probably always will be, the prerogative of innovators and this space has quite a few of them.


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