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Has the Digital Currency Boom Just Begun or About to End?


It is very rare that an asset rises from literally zero to a market cap of nearly $20 billion. Even more so when it’s rise from $1 billion to what bitcoin, a nearly decade old digital currency, was worth just a month ago happens in a few weeks. So is this just a bubble about to pop or a boom about to begin?

Unlike Trump or the Saudi king, we have no crystal ball, but we can try to analyze the fundamentals and see what is happening from a logical point of view even though it may be off as far as price movements in the short term are concerned.

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And what’s happening is nothing less than this space going mainstream. Bitcoin and ethereum were among the top searched words in America this week, bitcoin standing at around the 5th position, while eth around the 16th.

Moreover, for the first time ever, a blockchain related event trended on twitter, for all of America, suggesting the level of interest now has reached national levels with developments in this space being of interest to so many.

Ethereum and bitcoin focused blockchain event trends on Twitter.

Not to mention the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance which includes as good as all household brands, from diverse field such as cars, energy, banking, electronics, music, gaming, and all the rest.

Digital currencies are brought up even in regards to the highest levels, such as allegation Trump’s press secretary used them or an aid to Macron, the French president. Macron, who actually held a Ledger blue digital currencies wallet, suggesting he may be very familiar with this space and is probably very friendly.

The French president, Macron, holding a Ledger blue, an ethereum and bitcoin hardware wallet.

So in that background of new awareness, in that twilight of a new paradigm, you would think this has just begun and would hope that a boom has finally arrived which will last two or three decades, but at least one.

On the other hand, the market cap of all digital currencies was $20 billion just this March and are now worth a combined near $100 billion, with just ethereum standing near $20 billion.

However, that may be relevant in regards to short term movements in the range of a few days or maybe some weeks. Perhaps there will be a dip and cool down, or maybe it will go higher, who knows.

Long term, as in the next year, five or ten, it appears far more logical to think this is the beginning of something very new, of something which may affect all industries, of something which is worth for just making us all dream again, without even considering the applications level.

Money, the measurer of all things, is being upgraded from static paper to dynamic code. The valuer, itself, is being given some very primitive level of intelligence, in that it has memory through RAM, it can think, albeit what we have told it to think, and it can act on its own, although the way we have told it to act.

That makes it an upgrade of an historical scale, like from barter to one commodity, from commodity to paper. So we think this is the middle of the beginning of a boom the likes of which we have not seen in a very long time.

As for short term, we can be of less assistance than flippening a coin, because the music might stop here for a bit or the volume might turn up. No one knows that one.


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