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Ethereum’s Inventor Vitalik Buterin Leaves Shiba for Cat Memes


It is known Vitalik Buterin has a love affair with dogecoin, the fun meme digital currency that’s now valued at nearly $400 million, but some speculate he may be leaving them for their nemesis, the cat memes.

While Ethereum was going through its most testing period last year, during many arguments about whether to stop a DAO thief or not, followed by the exploitation of some harmless bugs, Vitalik Buterin was spotted with a cat bag with a “come at me bro” posture.

Ethereum’s inventor, Vitalik Buterin, with a cat bag.

That’s after he was spotted walking around in Singapore during August last year with a Hardfork Café t-shirt after Ethereum successfully hardforked to take the money back from the thief and gave it to the rightful eth owners.

Vitalik Buterin in a hardfork T-shirt.

It was a moment of defiance, a moment when the entire Ethereum community got together and in a united voice said we are all working 100% on eth, a moment few who witnessed it develop will forget.

All ethereum developers working 100% on eth.

So after all that settled down and ethereum started roaring again this spring, Vitalik Buterin was seen in China wearing a t-shirt with a cat attitude ready to fight whoever touches eth.

Vitalik Buterin in a cat t-shirt.

But, there are rumors going around that Vitalik might cheat on the cat memes and go for panda ones because he was seen wearing a panda with boxing gloves t-shirt. That should give cats and shiba something to talk about.

Vitalik Buterin with a panda t-shirt

Fickle, this guy, he won’t settle down, breaking the hearts of cats and dogs for some cool panda. But, at least those things actually exist, he is flirting with even unicorns now. They are not even real!

Vitalik Buterin with a unicorn

Although, who knows, with the guy now having $100 million worth of eth, maybe he will manage to turn them into a billion and make unicorns real again. They say he learned Chinese in just two months and can multiply three digit numbers on the go, so who knows.


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