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British Bitcoiners and Ethereans Head to Polls in the War and Peace Election


Britons, once more, are to decide the fate of these Isles, and perhaps the world, as they are called to make a monumental decision in an election that can be about little else but war and peace.

Because we are at war. For nearly two decades our brothers, our sons, our sisters, our daughter, for some our father, our mothers, have been sent to bomb illiterate peasants in far away lands where three million have been killed.

We are constantly reminded of the atrocities committed by previous generations. Of the savagery that led to six million Jews being killed, but on our own watch, in our time, three million Muslims have been killed by our own people.

We do not profess to understand the great complexities of geopolitics and the power games of high politics, but do understand that there is something going on when a terrorist who was seemingly constantly reported to the authorities by the public, who was featured on a Channel 4 documentary, who was investigated, was nonetheless able to stab people in the heart of London.

It just does not sound right that we constantly hear about how the authorities knew all about these terists, or how they find their IDs conveniently left there at the crime scene, or how foreign intelligence agencies warned of an upcoming attack before it happened, but somehow it still happened.

Take the Turkey club shooting. CIA had apparently informed the owner of the club of an imminent attack, but what’s the point of that? If the CIA was so aware, why did they not give names, why was the person not arrested?

Because they want to buy war, that’s why. They want to buy our support for the constant bombing. They want to waste our trillions of very hard earned money on illiterate peasants, instead of giving them some education, by making us hate and fear. The age old break some eggs.

They want to scapegoat an ancient people, the people of Egypt, of Persia, a people that look up to us for they rose in 2011, using our technology, using our ideals, and then the great powers had to create a great hell.

And when the best of them rise, like the Turkish man who assassinated the Russian ambassador in an art gallery setting – clearly communicating high culture, intellect – our authorities create great theater, get the army on our London streets, while claiming we are not afraid.

Same old geopolitics dressed in religious colors.

We aren’t, you are right. We are not afraid because we can see the theater, the spectacle, the devil’s geopolitical games that continue to be played despite two world wars which seemingly have taught us nothing.

Or have they? That is the question to be decided tomorrow by the British people in the war and peace election. For in this election stands Jeremy Corbyn, an individual who can be considered as the peace candidate.

His entire biography seems to suggest his sole purpose of existence is this very moment, this very election. Born to a maths teacher and an electrical engineer, both of whom were peace campaigners, Corbyn not only voted against the Iraq War, but was chair of the Stop the War Coalition and organized the biggest protest against the war back in 2002.

He is a long standing anti-war activist, and he says we need to reach a political settlement. What that means exactly is not very clear, nor is it clear whether he can achieve it, but he appears to go to the root of the cause and he seems genuine.

The establishment tried to do a Trump on him. Dismissing, smearing, the usual, with many establishment MPs revolting in an attempted coup. This is what Wikipedia says:

“After the EU referendum in June 2016, Labour MPs passed a vote of no confidence in Corbyn by 172 votes to 40 following the resignation of around two-thirds of Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet. In September 2016, following a leadership contest, Corbyn retained leadership of the party with an increased vote share of 61.8%.”

An increased vote share! We must ask what did the people see that they so strongly stood behind him. That’s what we asked about two weeks ago and found that it’s nothing else but the war and peace question.

He promises a solution. It’s not clear whether he will succeed. Whether it will be Chamberlain flying the paper. But shan’t we try? Shan’t we offer the opportunity to the peace candidate?

Especially when the current Prime Minister blames porn – it didndunuffin – for the terrist attacks and says she might even rip up our hard fought and won human rights for which our ancestors have given their blood.

Not sure about you, but we are far more concerned about the national army on our streets, which amounts to martial law, far more concerned about the police, courts, everyone, not respecting our human rights, than about some illiterate peasants who go on a rampage now and then to make a point, not for fun, to make a political point which we should hear.

And we should hear it because they rose up, didn’t they? The Egyptians, the Tunisians, the Libyans, even the Syrians, didn’t they rise up? They rose up because they look up to us. For we inspire, for we are advanced. Technologically, scientifically, intellectually, in thought, in all ways.

The people rise, calling for freedom land.

Perhaps we are simplifying. Maybe we are wrong. That is why it is not up to us to decide, but up to the great British public. And we trust the people, especially the British people. We trust their decision tomorrow.

If they wish to vote in May who looks like a cold blooded lizard, who does not even have any children, then perhaps their decision is right. Who are we to say otherwise?

But we’d like to think, “Stop the war vote Corbyn, yo,” sounds like a nice refrain, or, “Corbyn, the peace candidate.” Far nicer than asking whether May will lock up all us ethereans or bitcoiners, anyway.

Because when the army comes on the streets, all bets are off. Especially when we are trying to dream of conquering Mars, of getting those flying cars, of bringing back the 90’s optimism while some seem bent on hell war.

Especially when this space is booming, when the economy is booming, when innovation is back, when we can dream again about a very new future that improves the lives of everyone.

When we can look at a united people worldwide that dream of conquering Mars rather than wasting our resources on the bombing and destruction of ancient cities, of people like us, in many ways like us.

So, your decision, Britain. Will you give peace a chance or will we have more of the same war? Will you bring a man whose entire purpose of existence has been peace, or will you send a cold woman with no children?

Harsh, but so is the decision. For the world is at a crossroad, and, as always, Britain leads in thought. As such, cast your vote tomorrow very carefully ancient land. The heavy weight of history and the eyes of our ancestors stand to watch.

To the potential criticism arguing that this piece is inappropriate, we fully agree and apologize for bringing politics to an industry paper, but how many elections have been called the war and peace election?

There is little either candidate can really do to affect our space. That is mostly up to civil servants, but the question of war and peace affects our space considerably, so we felt compelled to put forward our views.

Which may be wrong, or might be proven right. But the pen must never go silent. To the contrary, it is about time the pen rises.

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