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Bulls and Bears Go to War in the Battle For $300 Ethereum


War. Bear whales put up walls yesterday. 1,000 eth, 2,000 eth, flat-lining the price around $260, with charts showing no price movement as bears staked their claim.

Bears put up walls at around $260 in the battle for $300 Ethereum.

Bots were left with nothing to do, tapping their fingers, while bulls were watching. They paused, regrouped, went to and fro, then charged straight towards the wall, knocking it down, sending bears running.

But bears were not going to give up that easily. They gave some grounds, prepared their barricades, called in air cover, called in reserves, and at $280 they went to war.

The Battle for 300 eth at 280.

All whales took part. No bull or bear could be spared. Alerts went out everywhere. The great battle was underway as bulls and bears went head to head with not one cent between them.

Bulls and bears go to war over $300 eth.

The bulls won it, the bulls won it. Ethereum rose. Bears run away. Bulls on chase. Bears turn. Barricade at $290.

Battle for $300 eth at $290

The bulls watched. Line formation. Charge! The wall is down, the wall is down, $291… 2… 3… 4… 5…

Whale war $300 Ethereum.

Bears are now making their final stand at $300 in one of the most monumental bull bear battle as ethereum’s bullish run continues day after day with price rising by nearly $50 just since yesterday.

The Global Blockchain Conference is to start in China this Wednesday where there are rumors some more Ethereum alliance members may be announced following 86 household names which joined last month, including Toyota, Samsung, DTCC and many others.

The sentiment overall is very bullish as ethereum becomes the standard for private blockchain projects by multinationals and even governments.

Bankers, too, now think public blockchains, like ethereum, will gain greater prominence in the next five years. Interestingly, more of them think public blockchains will do so (86%), than think private blockchains will (80%).

It is only a 6% difference, but this apparent seismic change in attitude by bankers is somewhat unexpected at this stage.

So bulls are on the run, but can bears hold $300? We don’t know. They might run away quicker than we can say, or they might give it all they’ve got as the battle for $300 eth continues.

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