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Blockchain Job Postings Triple on LinkedIn


Demand for blockchain skills far outstrips supply with 40,000 blockchain related job listings on LinkedIn while only 10,000 individuals list blockchain skills.

Those individuals include consultants, journalists, and others who can’t simply be hired by companies, which means skills are in very short supply, sending salaries to new levels.¬†According to an HR industry paper:

“An average blockchain developer has an easy potential to make a salary upwards of $130,000 per year. For those who have top-notch experience and exposure in the blockchain domain, salaries can reach up to $650,000 per year, a formidable figure in the technology industry.”

They say senior investment bankers in London make half of a senior blockchain specialist, standing at “just” $320,000, with even merger and acquisition bankers making $200,000 less at $420,000.

That has considerably increased demand for blockchain courses in universities worldwide with university students ditching investment banking in favor of Fintech courses more generally and blockchain courses specifically.

The field is still very new, but we’ve tried to rank what we think are the best universities while inviting others to reach out for a comprehensive resource to be formed.

For those out of study age, “technology professionals in the cryptography and machine learning domains are best suited to specialize in blockchain. Domain wise, professionals in the technology, finance, and insurance industries would see blockchain change the very face of operations over the next few years.” HR Technology says.

Blockchain team sizes at financial institutions according to a report by Cognizant.

Almost all household brands, including national governments, have started pilots, tests, and proof of concepts that have something to do with blockchain technology with the field ranging from finance to energy.

That is because a sudden awareness rose last year at the highest levels seeing blockchain technology as very useful for a number of applications and industries with reports stating it can save billions while considerably increasing efficiency.

They are competing with new business models, such as token sales, with the latest one raising $150 million for a decentralized exchange and user generated currencies platform that allows entrepreneurs to create their own social network style crowdfunding through a token by just speaking to a chat bot in natural language.

“The time is now to take the plunge and take on the new skills, for a promising future ahead,” the HR industry paper says. They can’t be too wrong. Blockchain related ads have been growing by 40% every three months.

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