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Blockchain Comes to Berkeley University as Student Interest Grows


The ethereum foundation now holds nearly half a billion dollars worth of assets. They want to spend some of it on new developers to speed up their roadmap, but they’re struggling to find any with the desirable skills.

Every household brand has some blockchain lab somewhere, testing, prototyping, piloting, but they’re struggling to find positions, sending salaries to crazy heights, higher than even investment banking recruiters say.

Meanwhile, ethereum holders are hungry for new projects, rushing and crushing to fund ICOs in frenzied bot races that makes them sell out in seconds with millions raised. That demand could be satisfied by new talent that can put forward more new innovative projects, but there’s a shortage.

So universities, following rising student demand, are racing to provide the necessary skills for the new generation of students to meet the market’s demand from public blockchains to private blockchains and beyond.

The latest is Berkeley, where students have taken the initiative and instead of waiting for them to offer a course have opened a “student-run organization dedicated to serving the Berkeley and greater East Bay crypto and blockchain communities.”

They provide education to other students, engaging in research, advising companies which may be unsure of how to implement blockchain tech, and they build things as well, like arbitragebot or Ether on a Stick which is described as:

“A platform that allows participants… to pool their money into a smart contract that will pay out to a specified target if and only if a threshold percentage of contributors to the pool, weighted by contribution amount, votes that the specified target has indeed carried out an action by a specified due date.”

Meanwhile, the University of Edinburgh recently announced they have opened a blockchain lab which “will bring together academics and students to collaborate on blockchain research and development with a focus on industry inspired problems,” they say. Moreover:

“The lab will provide a direct connection between developers and researchers, helping to get projects live faster and aims to pursue outreach projects with entrepreneurs in Edinburgh’s vibrant local technology community.”

Old College Quad – University of Edinburgh

They are joined by many other universities that have started to offer courses, are considering doing so, or have opened blockchain labs to meet increasing demand for blockchain skills, an area that is projected to grow in the next five years.

We’ve tried to somewhat subjectively rank them, but the list is likely incomplete and fast changing as a new awareness starts rising with blockchains going more and more mainstream.


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