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Ethereum Traders Complain Bear Whales Took Their Lambos


After ethereum’s price plunged yesterday to a low of $206, halving from an all time high of $420, complaints started everywhere about bear whales taking everyone’s lambos.

“Stop with the FUD,” said one fictitious typical bull trader, “there are no bearwhales, it’s just a dip, no one taking your lambos, Raiden is comming, the EEA, just HODL the bears out.”

Another one said he saw a huge bearwhale at $250 and bulls couldn’t do anything about it but just angrily stare thinking about the red, red lambos.

An ethereum trader spotted the bearwhale.

Another trader whispered something about some huge 13,000 eth wall being flashed, with another saying he saw a 50,000 wall, while another just said “look what he did to my lambo:”

Bearwhale reks lambo

The trader couldn’t hold back his tears with Vicky – yeah girls don’t exist on the internet just in case you still haven’t figure out this is satire – going up to console him, saying, it’s alright, they took my lambo too:

Bears taking Bull’s Lambos

Someone finally took leadership and said, look, I know where he’s taking the lambos. I’ve been watching him, studying him, been following him, schwiftly, and you won’t believe it. He is taking them to the bear moon!

The bear moon

Everyone gasped in shock and disbelief. We gotta get there, one trader said. Common we have no time, said another, take your GDAX positions. Hey wait wait, said a trader. I just came from GDAX’s back office and, look:

I can’t believe it – said a trader. GDAX has been playing us for fools, said another. OMG what if GDAX is bearwhale, said a third. Of course GDAX is bearwhale you idiot, said an alpha trader while hitting him on the head, where do you think all those sells are coming from, the ether?

That’s it, I give up, said a hodler. No, no please wait, hey, look, the bulls said in panic, look, we’ll buy GDAX some new servers, ok, so when we buy stuff we actually buy, ok, no more of this buy now get in two weeks, ok. We gone do this, ok. Yeah, shouted everyone, then some cool trader said, hey guys look what I found:

Ha, ha, ha, was heard from somewhere. It’s the bearwhale, get him! But the sneaky bear jumped into water hiding for a bit while laughing and looking at lambo pictures:

Bear whale hides from eth bulls

That gave bulls some courage, running price up to $250, with everyone now waiting to see whether there will be a second battle for $300, or whether we’ll have a battle for $200 instead.

Thanks for all the memes Ethtrader. Keep up the fun spirit.


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