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Kraken, South Korea’s Bithumb, Will List Bitcoin Cash


The world’s second biggest bitcoin exchange, handling current trading volumes of just above $60 million, has stated they will list Bitcoin Cash (BCC) on or around August 3rd.

Bithumb’s statement on Bitcoin Cash.

South Korea has made a big entry into the scene recently with bitcoin’s and ethereum’s popularity exploding there around spring. While Samsung, which generates some 20% of the country’s GDP, has joined the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.

Little information comes from there due to language barriers with communication lines not yet established, which just goes to show how decentralized and global the bitcoin and digital currencies scene is.

Meanwhile, Kraken, one of Europe’s biggest exchange, told trustnodes that the following statement is “not an official reply as Kraken has not yet released an official statement regarding” Bitcoin Cash:

“However, in the case of a hard fork (HF), we will probably do what we did during the ETH hard fork on July 20, 2016: Credit our clients’ ETH and ETC and halt funding for a certain amount of hours to protect against replay attacks. So in the case of bitcoin HF that means we would list both the asset that is supported by the miners that accept BIP141 or BIP95 (or whichever proposal that triggers the hard fork) and the other asset.

We are unlikely to halt trading for a long time though since trading doesn’t happen on the blockchain – it only happens on our server and so there is no risk of losing funds.”

On the other hand OKCoin, after tweeting out OKex’s statements a number of times, making everyone thing that’s their new exchange, has released another statement by OKCoin International which says they will allow withdrawals, but are not yet sure about listing.

Dependent on the price action, they will probably have no choice since all bitcoiners will have BCC, therefore they all will want to do something with it.

But we’ll have to see how all this develops with exactly just one week now left to go before bitcoin undertakes its first chain-split hardfork on a monumentally historical August 1st.


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