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Trump’s Son-in-Law, Jared Kushner, Claims Bitcoin Extortion Attempt


The Washington spectacle of Russia’s role, if any, in Trump’s last year election now features bitcoin too with Jared Kushner, husband of Ivanka Trump, telling Congress investigators:

“On October 30, 2016, I received a random email from the screenname “Guccifer400.” This email, which I interpreted as a hoax, was an extortion attempt and threatened to reveal candidate Trump’s tax returns and demanded that we send him 52 bitcoins in exchange for not publishing that information. I brought the email to the attention of a U.S. Secret Service agent on the plane we were all travelling on and asked what he thought. He advised me to ignore it and not to reply — which is what I did. The sender never contacted me again.”

According to Wikipedia “Guccifer claimed to have repeatedly hacked Hillary Clinton’s email server,” but some suggest what was released by Guccifer during the election, or someone claiming to be him, appeared to be fake, potentially aimed at undermining the veracity of Wikileak’s email releases of Hillary Clinton.

Ivanka Trump with her husband Jared Kushner.

In any event, the Washington show continues, seemingly grinding the place to a halt, but bitcoin has been featured more and more in the Trump administration.

There were allegations, for example, that Sean Spicer, the former Press Secretary, had twitted out a bitcoin string. Which were latter seemingly disputed.

While the Kushner testimony now makes it clear awareness of bitcoin has reached the highest levels as the currency went mainstream in brand recognition this year, at least in America.

That may have contributed to a significant price increase from around $300 last year to now some $2.500, with its market cap up from $6 billion to more than $40 billion.

Moreover, the new administration appears friendlier. With the bitcoin ETF decision re-opened, for example, while CFTC has given LedgerX the green light to offer options trading, potentially opening the way for more institutional investors.

Who may be interested because the currency has been acting as a hedge of sorts with analysts stating its price movements are not correlated to other assets, making it useful for diversification purposes.


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