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Huobi and South Korea’s Korbit May List Bitcoin Cash For Trading


Huobi, one of the world’s biggest bitcoin exchange currently handling trading volumes of $21 million has stated they will allow their customers to withdraw Bitcoin Cash (BCC) and may even list it for trading:

“Since BCC shares the same blockchain network with BTC before it is to be mined, all users who own BTC will get BCC for free automatically.

If you have BTC on Huobi before 20:20, August 1, 2017, you will be given the equivalent amount of BCC. 1BTC get 1BCC for free,” Huobi said before adding:

“Since BCC is a new blockchain asset, there is a high uncertainty in the short term and the market price may also be volatile. We will issue another announcement around August 1,2017 to elaborate when and how we will launch BCC trading.”

Bitcoin Cash has been trading at around $400-$500 for some time on ViaBTC futures, with the currency retaining a somewhat stable value, suggesting significant interest.

Moreover, it has attracted trading volumes of nearly $10 million – half of Huobi’s bitcoin volumes – which is somewhat surprising because you have to freeze your BTC until after August 1st to get your BCC now on ViaBTC.

As such, that so many are willing to do so may indicate a very high level of support for the first chain-split digital currency which aims to follow Nakamoto’s vision.

The current futures price of Bitcoin Cash

Meanwhile Korbit, one of South Korea’s biggest exchange with bitcoin trading volumes of some $12 million, stated they may enable Bitcoin Cash trading:

“In the event that Bitcoin Cash gains traction, we may enable Bitcoin Cash trading within a few days after the UAHF, if and when we deem it safe to do so. If we do, we plan to allocate to our users Bitcoin Cash at a 1:1 ratio with Bitcoin based on users’ Bitcoin balance at the time of the UAHF.”

They join Kraken, which unofficially told trustnodes they would probably list BCC, so following the ETH and ETC example last year:

“In the case of bitcoin HF that means we would list both the asset that is supported by the miners that accept BIP141 or BIP95 (or whichever proposal that triggers the hard fork) and the other asset.”

Bihumb, South Korea’s biggest exchange, has made it clear they will list Bitcoin Cash, as has ViaBTC and OKex. Thus the digital currency will very likely have a market.

Which may mean other exchanges will probably list it too dependent on demand with just four days to go now until the historical hardfork.


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