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Bitcoin Down, Ethereum Rises 10% on its Happy Birthday


Nothing to get the party started like a birthday. Ethereum is two years old today. So cake is on the menu and some fancy cranberry juice. For the grown ups, there may be some loud music and maybe strawberry champagne – if you are lucky and managed to keep your eth away from the bears.

There are some presents too. Bitcoiners are soon to give out free BCC to everybody that has bitcoins, while ethereans are increasing eth holders’ value by 10% as price went up today from around $180 to now slightly above $200.

Its trading volumes have picked up some steam as well to nearly $1 billion, up from its lowest levels in many months yesterday of some $400 million.

Ethereum’s current price

Yes, everyone is excited. Not least GDAX. They did that flash thing again on bitcoin, sending its price down to $2,500 in seconds. Poof, $250 off the price just like that, before it stabilized somewhat again to around $2,650.

They jittery. The big day is around the corner. Bitcoin will get a twin. Well, a brother since they’ll be different. Although it could be a sister, who knows, they haven’t asked the doctor yet, wanted it to be a surprise.

Whatever. Just stock up bids at 1 cent in case GDAX or Kraken feels like turning up the volume a notch. You may get lucky, like that guy who turned some pence into millions.

Bitcoin’s current price

And since we’re talking about GDAX and Kraken, you know its a question of when, not if, so pile up that support floor at $1 in case someone wants to disco and flash crash.

Although, be prepared in case we get a flash moon-smash instead. Who knows. It’s crypto. The only thing certain here is that we have no clue whatever what will happen.

Bitcoin Core may flop or pop, Bitcoin Cash may flip or drip, Eth may do all four or not care at all as the digital currencies space witnesses what will probably be an historical August 1st.

So buckle up, crisp clean your seven monitors trading set-up (yeah right), strengthen your quick click fingers, and be careful to not spill your champagne.

Because it’s happening guys. It’s happening. Bitcoin is growing up. Ethereum too.


Cake Faced

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