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The Bitcoin Barbarians


The ancients used to fight ferociously and often constantly, but in fighting they had honor and in their enemies they found respect.

Plutarch details many instances when words of praise are given towards rivals, with their women and children, even in conquest, treated according to their rank.

It’s what differentiated them from the barbarians. They plundered, even enslaved, but they had manners. They praised virtues, they called themselves civilized because even in war they had honor.

Bitfinex, which has a close business or otherwise relationship with Blockstream – a for profit company that hires many Bitcoin Core developers and many think actually controls the Bitcoin Core client – decided to call bitcoin’s first hard-fork chain-split as bcash with the ticker of BCH rather than under its proper name of Bitcoin Cash with the ticker of BCC.

The H appears to be a pretty random choice. The b in cash too. E-cash would have made more sense or bitcash. But the aim wasn’t to make sense, the aim was to confuse.

Neither BCH nor BCC are real tickers. If any respectable organization lists Bitcoin Cash, it will be under XBC because decentralized currencies or assets have to start with an X.

Nor is it really much of a problem that Bitcoin Cash now has two tickers with some exchanges listing it under BCC while others, like Kraken, list it under BCH.

Because bitcoin also has two tickers, BTC as it is informally referred and XBT when listed by professional exchanges. So there isn’t likely to be much confusion if everyone is aware the two tickers refer to the same thing with the BCC and BCH “debate” probably a storm in a tea cup.

Which is where we would have left it if it was not for the intention behind it and if it was not Bitfinex, for which we have to read Blockstream. Because we think their action shows no respect towards millions of bitcoiners.

It is one thing to argue for something, yet quite another to not even afford common decency. It is everyone’s right to hold an opinion and even argue it strongly, but only barbarians have no manners.

And if it was just mere supporters perhaps we could have afforded them some leeway, but when r/bitcoin stickies a thread calling Bitcoin Cash as b-cash, we have to take down the curtain.

Because the actions of Bitfinex and r/bitcoin moderators makes it fairly clear this is an organized negative marketing campaign probably initiating at Blockstream.

A campaign which doesn’t focus on merits, but on fully denying the right of respect to millions of bitcoiners who are of the view that the currency must have a blockchain based peer-to-peer payment system accessible by everyone and not just banks.

And when one denies their equals respect, all they show is they are uncivilized. Because any civilized man knows the response would be to do the same. Which would mean big block supporting exchanges changing Bitcoin Core’s bitcoin name to bitbank.

It is after-all what they called it themselves. Here is, for example, James A. Donald who first introduced what is now referred to as the Lightning Network:

“Let us call a bitcoin bank a bink. The bitcoins stand in the same relation to account money as gold stood in the days of the gold standard. The binks, not trusting each other to be liquid when liquidity is most needed, settle out any net discrepancies with each other by moving bit coins around once every hundred thousand seconds or so, so bitcoins do not change owners that often.”

While the small blockers’ saint, Hal Finney, thinks bitcoin isn’t for you, but for banks. He says:

“Most Bitcoin transactions will occur between banks, to settle net transfers. Bitcoin transactions by private individuals will be as rare as… well, as Bitcoin based purchases are today.”

We could also give them a ticker of BBE – Bitcoin Bankers Edition – which r/btc could perhaps sticky and so continue the petty squabbling on a fair ground.

Or they could just be shown to behave like children who cant stop to think for two seconds, so lacking the ability to even call things by their proper name – Bitcoin Cash – which may even become known as bitcoin.

Because the debate is over and words no longer decide but the free market. Bitcoin Core can have their bitbanks while Bitcoin Cash can have their on-chain peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

The success of either hardly depends on PR agencies with high school marketers that lack manners. It depends on what they can actually offer to you and me.


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