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Bitcoin Rises Triumphantly Above $4,000, Market Cap Nears $70 Billion


The sun has come out here in London to greet an historical day. A day when one bitcoin is worth more than $4,000, something long predicted, yet few thought would come to pass.

The digital currency has withstood many challenges and each time it has come out stronger. It now roars like no other during the Bitcoin Summer.

Heads are turning across the globe as techies focus on building things while politicians warmonger and students pretend this is 1914 with their identity politics.

Science will save us, so the millennial generation seems to believe. A generation that is shutting out politics, even plugin out, to focus on building a new world, a code based world.

The twenty something and early thirty something clearly think this space provides solutions to many systemic problems, including deep inequality, including soaring stock prices that benefit only few, including a tearing down of one law for the rich, another for the rest.

ICOs, where everyone can participate, including TenX and OmiseGo, have made people 10x richer in just days, a practice of wealth creation usually reserved only for billionaire VCs and bankers.

While public blockchain currencies, like bitcoin and ethereum, available to anyone at any time, have made many millionaires during this generation’s Woodstock.

Bitcoin rises triumphantly.

The revolution will be monetized. Money, the ruler of all things, is once more ruled by us, the free market, by breaking down barriers to access and opening them to the masses.

The smarter university students are spending their time not in raising torches, but in writing code. Tuning out from the circus mainstream media to focus on value creation rather than empty talk.

Because the pen, long a shining light, is now inferior to something that is still so very new and we are yet to comprehend – the code.

Unlike static letters, it moves. Unlike dumb books, code even thinks to some extent. Uniquely in all human history, it allows us to extend in a clone like manner a part of our complete brain.

It does so, of course, in a very crude way. But this new power man now has is perhaps greater than any previous invention for man can now replicate part of his own intellect, giving life to what could really be called a very primitive being.

Bitcoin, for example, is a thinking machine. It knows what to do, when, how and why and does so automatically without any human involvement.

What previously took and still takes hundreds of thousands of individuals and massive skyscraper buildings, is now replaced by a simple software you download on your laptop.

The new century is here. And with it a new awareness is rising as man’s ingenuity marches forward to wide applause.


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