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Trustnodes Opens a Press Releases Section


We are happy to announce that due to significant demand we are launching a press releases section for newsworthy articles which we can not independently cover due to necessarily limited resources and because of higher priority news events.

A newsworthy press release is featured on its own section below main news on the front-page, remains published and might be shared on social media as well as with our mailing list.

Due to the high volume of such press releases, priority can be based on reducing time constrains.

For some general guidelines, we are unable to accept any press release that concerns unlawful projects, including high interest yield investments, and reserve full discretion to withdraw any press release if it is brought to our attention there was any breach of reasonable expectations.

That includes any intentionally misleading statement or relevant provably incorrect facts in line with general guidelines.

Needless to say, by press release we do mean press release. That is, an article describing a news worthy event usually shared with the media to make them aware of it.

Marketing speak is expected, but any blatant advertising should be reserved for our ads section. Likewise, we cannot accept a press release that is merely an opinion piece comparable to full page magazine ads unless that is somehow newsworthy or we deem it reasonable in line with general professional ethics.

Usually only one external link can be included. We’re happy to include an image or two if that’s relevant.

If you are informing us of a news event that you think is of a sufficiently high priority for us to cover it independently, then feel free to email us at

We’re usually unable to respond to all such press releases due to time limits, even if we do think it is newsworthy and publish an article based on it.

It generally assists if the press release is included with the initial e-mail, if any images are attached (although we don’t expect them) and if a short paragraph introduces the event in a preferably non-marketing speak to inform us in a straightforward manner why we might want to look further.

As such, feel free to email us with any inquiries and we’re happy to assist. We do want to inform our readers of relevant events, even if they are of interest to a limited number, so your assistance would be welcomed.

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