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Press Release: Viberate to ICO With a Livestreamed DJ Set From Their Offices


Following their goal to list and map the entire global music industry, Viberate just added 50 thousand music venue profiles and more than 200 thousand event profiles to its crowdsourced database. Venues and events joined over 120 thousand musician profiles already online since spring.

Following the roadmap and hitting deadlines is probably an important reason for such an overwhelming feedback. Venue profiles are an important update that will further speed up the adoption of the platform among target groups. Gregorčič explains:

“While artists represent the supply side of our marketplace, venues are on the demand side. Their profiles feature all the information fans need when they decide where to go out on a Friday night: location, size, prevailing genre, previous lineups, upcoming events and photos of the venue. If you’re stranded in Manchester on a weekend and want to go out, we’ll locate you and offer you a list of venues, based on your preferences.”

Vetting a project before the crowdsale is always hard, especially when you don’t get to meet the founders in person. That’s why Viberate’s founders prepared a short video, where they talk about the potential and reasons why they decided to build the platform. The video also features Bitcoin living legend Charlie Shrem along with a couple of other advisors and early backers.

Next up is the launch of the token crowdsale on September 5. As music industry veterans, the team of course needs to make it special for everyone. One of the co-founders is UMEK, a world-famous techno DJ and he will have a special set prepared for the ICO launch:

“Of course we’ll throw a party for when the crowdsale launches! What kind of a music service wouldn’t do that? I prepared a special 90-minute set and I’ll play it in our offices in Ljubljana. We want as many people as possible to celebrate this special event with us, so we’ll stream the set live on Facebook. I hope the neighbors will understand that we might cross a line with loud music for a while. They’re invited anyway.”

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