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Ethereum Timidly Heads Towards $350


Ethereum has enjoyed a somewhat quite few weeks with the currency giving way to the bitcoin show, then bitcoin cash, to ripple too, litecoin, NEO, some of its tokens like Tenx, OmiseGo, and even Lisk.

But quietly, steadily, without much funfair or noise, ethereum has been rising in price, nearly tripling since its recent low of $130 to now trade at around $340.

Ethereum’s recent price action.

Its trading volumes have been lackluster as everyone went to chase the newest 10x rise, then rushed and raced to get out before its inevitable 7x fall, instantly making riches for some and instantly becoming homeless for others.

But in this kaleidoscopic beauty, slowly and steadily, ethereum has sort of not been moving, even been boring, while tripling in value in just a few weeks.

That’s more gains than bitcoin during the same time frame even as that currency buys some a lambo or, for the more boring lot, a super nice BMW, while some others pay off their houses.

This space is not alone. The stock market is booming. We now have as good as full employment. Economic productivity is increasing. Growth has returned a decade after the banking collapse.

With it, optimism is returning too. While some claim the return of politics, the truth is probably the opposite for the vast majority of people, and certainly the smarter ones.

The whitehouse is run by a blond from the highest minority of all, the orange people. Britain has a dull old lady. Germany the same one as forever. While even Putin is relaxing.

It may be just because it is summer, but it might also be because things may be changing as a new generation starts taking positions of some influence. Thus bringing their own worldview, perhaps making clear past errors, perhaps suggesting actual solutions.

Thus moving forward, slow and steady, with the world hopefully enjoying at least a decade of booming times as we near the 2020s while largely retaining global peace.


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