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Democrats Finally Out of the SEC, Republicans Move in with a Big Shakeup


Eight months after the Republican administration took charge, they finally seem to have gotten down to business as Trump appears to have realized he was being outchessed with the highly politicized Russian matter that clogged the state for half a year, so continuing Democrat’s rule where it matters, in the civil service.

That now appears to be changing, especially at the one regulator that is of particular interest to our space in this point and time, the Securities and Exchanges Commission. Where Jay Clayton, the Trump appointed new chairman, has been dusting the grey-beige bureaucratic halls, sending many out and bringing many in.

“The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that John Cook, Jeffrey Dinwoodie, Raquel Fox, Kristina Littman, Alan Cohen, Christopher Carofine, and Shelby Begany Telle have been named to the executive staff of Chairman Jay Clayton,” so the SEC tells us in a press release.

Dalia Blass, who was working for the law firm that advised Winklevoss in their ETF bid prior to joining the SEC yesterday, has been named as the new director responsible for ETFs.

While Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris has been named Director of the agency’s Division of Economic and Risk Analysis (DERA).  Replacing former director Mark Flannery who left the agency to return to teaching.

In combination, this considerable shakeup seems to suggest the new administration has finally moved in and is now in charge of policy, interpretation, and all the rest.

That may mean SEC’s decisions made so far regarding this space may no longer be applicable as they appear to have been made by the previous administration which was sent out by the voters.

Voters that include many from this space. So many in fact that considering how close the election was, it may be this space that won it. Not least because we told many of them to vote for Republicans.

So we’ll be looking closely to see whether we will be rewarded for that support. And so act accordingly in the mid-term elections as well as in the 2020 presidential elections.


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