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Ethereum’s London Conference Meetup Oversubscribed Twice Over


It’s September and that means ethereum’s London “meetups” are back. The first one is on the 13th, in just two days, and rather than a pub meetup where you have a drink with some random strangers, the event is actually a conference in all but name.

Nick Johnson, from the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), will be there. The topic of his talk is not yet confirmed, but we could perhaps guess it might have something to do with ENS.

That said, Johnson is also a prolific ethereum developer from the Ethereum Foundation, so his scope of topic could be very wide indeed.

The other presenters might be less known, but Mathias Grønnebæk is to provide an interesting talk on “the architecture of a new financial system of direct access, where banks are merely one of many service providers, and a new class of gatekeepers, exchanges, are competing to become the AWS of financial infrastructure.”

If that’s not ambitious, we’re not sure what is. So no pressure Grønnebæk, not least because we might be there. And unlike the 500 individuals that are on the wait-list hoping someone drops out, we have actually secured our attendance, making it into the 250 that were first to sign up.

Nick Johnson with Stephan Tual, the even organizer.

The last speaker  is Matthew Hodgson who will talk about “open standard for decentralised communication, where messages, VoIP and other real-time data are stored in Merkle DAGs replicated over all participating servers, giving users full ownership and control over their communications.”

Yes, we have no clue what any of that is either. Jokes, but getting an entrance to the event might be no joke. Those on the waiting list are told to come anyway because signed up individuals might not actually attend.

Which means we can’t quite imagine what the scenes outside will be like if there are 500 people in the streets of central London waiting to see if they make it to a “meetup.”

If they are creative, they could have a meetup of their own, down to the nearest pubs, where they can drink their inability to gain entrance while talking about, well, whatever ethereans talk about.

Most, of course, will probably want to go there for the networking, exchanging cards, maybe some ICO pitches. Hopefully no altcoin shilling, but hey, we’re not fussy.

The privileged few who do gain an entrance will then go to the Queen’s Arms. Pay their respects to Elizabeth the Second, maybe sing the hymn. No – – joking, because the only respects they’ll pay will probably be to beer.

That won’t come free, but the pub better accept eth since it’s getting so much business. If they do, we might even go to take a picture. But just for the picture…

Anyway, if you didn’t make it, there is always October, and November, and also December. Maybe they’ll manage a bigger venue next time too because at this rate all three might have been booked already.


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