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Securing Global Peace in a Post 9/11 World with Digital Currencies


It has now been more than a generation since the free world was attacked, with those currently in university having no direct memory of the events, nor of the global peace we enjoyed but so briefly preceding it, when the free world had no state enemy, and politics wasn’t really a thing.

The Baby Boomers, who were then in charge, declared the end of history. Blind to the danger that was coming. The generation that immediately followed them, generation X, was so weak they were not even given a name.

They failed to prevent the war, which continues today in Arabia. An oil rich land that has sky high towers next to razed cities.

It’s a tragedy of great proportions. And in such circumstances who exactly is to blame is less relevant than what exactly is the solution.

As always in these sort of situations, there are two potential solutions, both seemingly directly opposed. Outright occupation, the implementation of our rule of law, and all the rest. In effect, empire building. Or the opposite. Complete withdrawal, even of the US bases in Mecca. And leave them to sort themselves out.

As always in these sort of situations, neither of the solutions is good, nor the present one which has us spending so much of our resources on endless wars at no gain.

But this space does provide an indirect and more long term solution. By focusing on increasing productivity through technological advances and getting rid of unfair mismanagement by intermediaries, we can increase the wealth of the entire human civilization.

In the process, they can gain better education, and thus be placed to make better decisions. Moreover, so having more resources, they won’t need to fight over them.

It is the promise of science made since time immemorial and in that promise scientists have not disappointed because human ingenuity allows us current standard of livings that are better than previous kings.

Our grandfathers and theirs before have brought to life what they used to dream. Flying like a bird through airplanes, seeing like daylight during night.

Although coders do not enjoy the same status as scientists, they are today’s Tesla and Einstein. They are building new worlds that may bring to life some of our own dreams, so following that noble tradition.

The desire to not do repetitive tasks, for example. Or the want to have some bot do things for you while you enjoy more pleasant activities.

At scale, their dreams are as big as our grandfathers, and might even be bigger. In the process, they provide an alternative to the world. An optimistic look to the future, rather than the pessimistic look to the past of our politicians.

They hold the hope that we can deal with our many complex problems, over the fear of tribalism. The hope that with our ingenuity we can create plenty for plenty, over the fear that we may have to fight to eat at all.

The latter has prevailed over the past decade, but a sunshine of optimism is starting to return on earth as the best of the millennial generation tune out of politics and all the talking and get down to the business of building and coding.

For we do not want our children to be watching the news, but to play around dreaming of flying cars. And for those dreams we shall work to retain global peace for another century at least and certainly as long as the millennials live.


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