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Bitcoin’s Google Searches Reach an All-Time High


Interest in bitcoin has reached the highest level it has ever been in its eight years existence during the week of 10th September to the 16th of September according to data from Google Trends.

Bitcoin searches apparently slightly fell this week, but the week is not yet over and even with incomplete data it stands at 84 out of 100 for the period of 17th September to the 23rd of September (tomorrow).

Bitcoin’s historical google searches.

A high correlation has been found between Google Searches and bitcoin’s price, but whether it’s a leading or lagging indicator is not very clear.

It does however show a considerable rise in interest to the highest levels ever. Far higher than in 2013 and higher than during its bull run during late spring and at the beginning of summer.

Interest in United States is slightly lower than global interest, standing at 92 out of 100, while in UK interest is at its highest level ever, somewhat higher than worldwide when compared to previous periods.

Historical bitcoin google searches for the United States.

Worldwide, top of the table is Nigeria, where there has been some talk of employing digital currencies to leapfrog banking.

They are closely followed by Ghana, with a third from the continent, South Africa, currently standing in 4th position. Indicating some strong interest in digital currencies for the African continent.

Interestingly, Slovenia, where Bistamp is based, is in third position. Bitstamp has suddenly risen today to second position in global bitcoin trading volumes, suggesting interest in Europe may have considerably increased.

With a second European country, Estonia, taking fifth position. Their civil service has been showing some great foresight, with the director of Estonia’s e-residency stating they could raise billions in an ICO to launch a token called estcoin.

Global interest in bitcoin according to google searches.

Bitcoin has been on the news recently for its astonishing price rise which was followed by China’s attempt to hamper it by banning crypto exchanges.

The currency has gone mainstream as far as brand recognition is concerned, with considerable innovation happening in this space as blockchain technology, some say, may bring fourth a digital industrial revolution.


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