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“The Fight is Outside Washington” Says Ron Paul at a Bitcoin Conference


Ron Paul, the former Presidential Candidate and Republican Representative for Texas told a bitcoin audience that although he spends much time in Washington, the fight is outside DC. He says:

“Washington isn’t where the fight is. We spend a lot of time talking about Washington, a lot of things going on. I spend a lot of time there, but really the fight is outside Washington. It’s ideological, it’s creativity and is the understanding of liberty that counts.

When the people understand what liberty is all about, and want it, Washington will change. Right now, there’s way too much dependency and too much cronyism going on and that’s why it becomes necessary sometime to be very creative inspite of the obstacles the government puts in front of us. And that’s one of the reasons why I like this group.”

His nearly one hour long speech presents the libertarian worldview. I’m not here to tell you what cryptocurrency to buy, he says, I’m here to spread the message of liberty. With his opening remarks met by a cheering crowd that called for an ending of the fed.

The system will collapse, he says, just as USSR did, because of ever increasing unsustainable debt levels. And it did collapse in 2009, he says, but they were able to patch it at the tune of $15 trillion.

I do want to end the Federal Reserve (FED) he says, and we need to start by auditing it to understand what they’re doing. He further wants to end the NSA and the TSA, criticizing other agencies such as the FBI and the CIA, boiling down his message to stating that the government is not tasked with ensuring safety, but tasked with ensuring liberty.

Where there is liberty there is more creativity and more prosperity, he says. That can allow for more innovation to address the many problems, citing the fact that he didn’t see much innovation coming from USSR.

But elected representatives think that people are stupid, he says. They think if people are left to their own devices, they would not be able to care for themselves. They preach the Keynesian gospel, he says, pointing out Paul Krugman.

But they do not think they are wrong or doing something wrong. They think what they do is well intentioned, he said. So when the system collapses – and he says it will collapse, he doesn’t know when, but he does know it will collapse – those responsible, such as Krugman, won’t apologize, Ron Paul says. Instead, they will double down.

He mentioned that while in congress he introduced a competing currencies bill. So referring to Hayek’s insight expressed in Denationalization of Money which states that the valuer of all things, money, must itself be valued by the free market as only that can take into account all the circumstances which ought to be taken account of.

That bill didn’t go anywhere, but he says Washington is meant to reflect the people. So education is important. The understanding of monetary issues is at its highest level it has ever been, he says.

And we need to prepare to rebuild after the system collapses he says. And the way we will rebuild it is simple, with just one guiding principle: You are free to do what you wish as long as you do not harm others, as long as you do not defraud others, as long as you are honest, he says.




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