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The Ethereum Foundation is Looking for a C++ Software Engineer


There is no more prestigious job in this space than working for the Ethereum Foundation, but as with any such coveted position, it is unlikely you would be performing any ordinary tasks.

You might have to speak to us, for example, the media. You might also find yourself awake at 3AM on the day before the biggest ethereum conference, with your task being to emergency fix some bug, perhaps minutes before you take to the stage to present whatever you’re working on.

And if that’s not challenging enough, you’ll have to be able to not dream away wondering why Vitalik Buterin is fidgeting with grass and instead keep full focus on whatever he is saying at 3,000 miles per hour.

But the reward is the potential to have impact in a fast evolving space which some say may bring a fourth industrial revolution. However, that impact could be a bug, so, no pressure.

As for the somewhat more objective requirements, they’re the usual. Mastery of maths would probably be quite useful. Ethereum is all open source, so a nice github profile would probably help.

More socially, you need an “ability to work in pair programming, critiquing, responding to feedback and agreeing to compromises.”

But really, what you need is a realistic evaluation of whether you are suitable for the position of an ethereum core developer working in a somewhat start-up atmosphere but with somewhat secure funding for at least a decade or two.

If you think you are, and that evaluation is realistic, and you want the position, then you probably should give it a try.

It’s not clear whether EF has an HR department. It is instead far more likely the application will be read by a current ethereum developer. As you might expect they are quite busy, so the first test would probably be whether you can grab their attention in the first sentence.

An easier way to grab their attention might be by actually contributing to the open source project. You can consider that as the mock trial interview, or as an unpaid internship but with the benefit that you don’t even have to apply, you just get to work whenever you please.

Obviously, hopefully, the EF developers realize everyone has to eat so after a month or two they might reach out by themselves, but perhaps EF should also consider training a new generation.

Senior positions are necessary, but perhaps not everyone has to be senior. For example, a smart Cambridge graduate who is good with coding might maybe be hired under strict supervision to handle easy, non critical, tasks.

But the problems is that any mistake can be very costly. However, there are plenty of industries where the same applies yet they manage to train the new generation because you can just get them to do the printing or manage the website or whatever, so slowly learning the job.

A final point to make is that the job post is somewhat old, from late June, but George Hallam from Melonport, who used to work at the Ethereum Foundation, tweeted it out, so it might still be fresh.


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