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Adam Back Calls Nearly All Bitcoin Miners and Businesses “Enemies” of Bitcoin


Adam Back, the CEO of Blockstream Corp., called yesterday almost all prominent bitcoin businesses and miners, which have by a vast majority signed up to segwit2x, “enemies” of bitcoin.

Back’s emotionally charged statement was made after quoting Luke Dashjr, a Blockstream employee, who said:

“Even if 2X were to win, it still loses because it would be proving that a decentralised cryptocurrency is a dream that can never become real.”

A statement which mirrors that of 2x supporters who say the exact same thing if 2x doesn’t happen. Further supporting the statement, Adam Back said:

“Spot on Luke Dashjr. People who want to corporate take-over Bitcoin are anti-Bitcoin ethos and anti-Bitcoin; they are *enemies* of Bitcoin.”

Adam Back signed up to segwit2x as the President of Blockstream Corp. in 2016, but in just a year he has apparently changed from a supporter of segwit2x to calling those that support segwit2x “enemies” of bitcoin.

The top reply to Adam Back said: “You are imposing BTC ethos upon its users and declaring everyone else enemies. This is de facto political and developmental centralization.”

Peter Smith, CEO and co-founder of, a company with some five million customers, said in response to Adam Back’s statement:

“We’ve dedicated our lives to building bitcoin products, introduced millions to bitcoin, evangelized, long before it was cool. Enemies?”

Smith further added that in particular Wences Casares, CEO of Xapo, “was perhaps the first respected, high profile tech investor to drive the project forward.” Before further adding:

“Sad to see Adam Back declare people ‘enemies’ of a project that he became involved in at a much later date. Always enjoyed talking to Adam.”

The fiery accusation was made as the countdown to the final bitcoin fork regarding the blocksize matter, segwit2x, has seemingly begun.

That’s not estimated to occur until around November 17th. So we may have to endure a few more weeks of this clown show where the CEO of a for profit company take to the podium to use such highly charged language usually reserved for dictators.


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