Press Release: Trustnodes Opens a Subscription Service – Trustnodes

Press Release: Trustnodes Opens a Subscription Service


To remain independent for as long as possible and so that we are free from any undue biases or influences, we now offer the option for our readers to directly support us through a monthly or yearly subscription service.

We aim to inform all, and we’d like knowledge to be disseminated as widely as possible. Which is why ten articles every month are completely free.

Moreover, we won’t be going out of our way to enforce the service. If you are a starving student who can’t afford a subscription, but really want to read our articles beyond the monthly free ten, do e-mail us and we might grant free access.

Because our primary aim is really to offer you the opportunity to support us, while giving you a very good reason to do so, unlimited access to all news and editorials.

We absolutely love what we do, and we have read many of you say you absolutely love trustnodes. We’d like to keep it that way for as long as possible.

We don’t want to turn corporate by having to sell our paper so that we can keep it going, which would mean we’d have to fall in line and serve masters.

Nor do we want to face situations where we might have to cut corners so that we can keep running. Because we are proud of our integrity, which is why we work hard to present you the news you need to know.

We’d like to expand our services considerably. To cover big events in more detail and in-depth, while also covering smaller events or projects. To engage in investigative journalism, while also being more thorough in our daily news.

We further have more ambitious plans which we are sure you’ll absolutely love. So you won’t necessarily be supporting us just for today or this month, but for a vision that considerably benefits this entire space and the wider world.

Because if we must have masters, we’d rather that is you. And as much as we’d like to do what we do for absolutely free, we simply can’t without doing you, and ourselves, a disservice.

Which is why we ask for your willing direct support. But we do understand some think our words are not worth. That intellectual property isn’t quite a thing.

However, we spend all day, and even weekends, working longer than probably most, to bring you what is so easy to read, yet takes so much effort and time to write.

Just recall how many weeks you took for your university essays. And some of our work, although we are perhaps slightly bragging, can take as much effort as a short dissertation.

When we entered this space, we saw amateurism in journalism everywhere. We want to raise those standards, and go further, while remaining independent, and free from any undue biases or influences, so that you are given the information you need to know, without fear, nor favor. While also serving the cause of knowledge by giving free articles every month.

Our provider for this service can only accept bitcoin – as well as the usual fiat methods through credit card and PayPal of course – and since you can not do subscription through digital currencies, bitcoin payments are limited to just one month.

However, you can always reach us directly at and we’ll be happy to add your subscription manually.

We can also manually process payments in any established currency, such as eth, bch, zec, etc. for whatever period you like in a monthly time frame.

Our provider doesn’t do discount coupons, so we can’t easily celebrate what is in many ways quite a milestone for us, rising to hundreds of thousands of monthly viewers in just a few months, but we’re happy to manually offer one if you wish to reach us directly.

Because money isn’t the primary consideration as long as we can keep running independently and free from any undue biases or influences.

Our primary consideration is our ambition to bring you tomorrow today, and to provide you with the best news we possibly can, so that this world is made better, for all.


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