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Trustnodes Launches Direct Advertising Services


We strive to provide the highest quality of content, therefore we think our audience is of the highest quality too. As such, we offer the opportunity for you to support our journalism through numerous advertising options.

All are exclusives. Meaning only your ad is shown. They all bypass adblockers, so we only accept static images, like jpg or png.

The top leaderboard section of 720 x 90 doesn’t show on some mobile versions for some reason. But we’re happy with the current ad, just as we are happy to replace it for an appropriate offer.

The sidebar top ad of 336 x 280 is also shown at the middle of the front-page, making it a prime advertising placement, especially on mobile, but also very much on desktop.

Likewise, the ad position of 468 x 60 at the bottom of this article and all articles features prominently on the home page for mobile users and from some feedback we have received, this placement performs way better than Facebook, Google, or other advertising alternatives. Although whether the same applies to your ad would probably very much depend on many factors.

An alternative might be the sidebar section just under the “Popular” articles and above the “Latest” news.

There is space on the sidebar for exclusive ad sections below all the current sidebar content with your ad shown on the right of the “Related Posts” section below.

There is also space just under the Related Posts section and above the comments section so feel free to enquire at

Our audience is mainly western based in the hundreds of thousands, with USA residents providing the majority of page views, followed by western Europe. While South Korea in particular and East Asia in general has recently been showing interest.

The majority are new visitors, but there is a considerable percentage of regular readers who either directly visit Trustnodes or keep an eye on our news reports. With a healthy following on twitter, facebook, mailing list, and so on.

We’re happy to provide details as required so feel free to email with any questions or suggestions you might have.


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