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University Lecturer Gives Students Free Bitcoin in Class


David Coker, a lecturer at the University of Westminster Business School, furnished students taking Financial Markets & Institutions with a bitcoin wallet and gave each one of them 1,000 satoshi, currently worth 6 cent.

Basel Kamal, one of the student that received bitcoin as part of an introductory lecture exploring the new digital currency in the business world, said:

“Receiving a Bitcoin bonus in our Financial Markets and Institutions class has enriched our learning. It’s a generous and great practical link and application to a recent and controversial phenomena in the finance world.

Before getting the Bitcoin bonus, I didn’t have deep understanding of cryptocurrency. However, now I need to do some more research!”

This is the first time we know that bitcoin is distributed as part of a university lecture to introduce students to the new digital currency.

With the method generally seen as effective because they can see the currency in action, rather than having it described in somewhat abstract manners. David Coker, the lecturer, says:

“Fintech is very, very rapidly changing both in retail and investment banking. We must do everything possible to help students learn about, prepare for and adapt to these developments.”

Students’ interest in blockchain technology and digital currencies has considerably grown recently with a number of universities introducing blockchain specific courses.

That now appears to be developing towards incorporating the new technology and currency into ordinary syllabus. The University of Westminister says:

“Introducing the cryptocurrency to students will allow them to become up to date in finance, fintech and business as well as enabling them to distinguish themselves in the employment market.”

If Basel is any indication, it might also increase their research skills, although we do hope he doesn’t get lost in this very fast moving space.

But this is the latest indication that digital currencies are now becoming part of the fabric of society, as the phenomena usually reserved to online tips now moves to lecture halls.


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