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Press Release: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference “Early Adopter” Pricing Ends at Midnight on Halloween


In February 2018, more than fifty of the world’s most respected blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists are coming together to show regular, private investors how they can get in on the blockchain revolution while it is on the ground floor and rake in handsome returns. Attendees who register before October 31st at midnight will lock in a $200 discount on their tickets.

The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference is organized by Richard Jacobs, publisher of the Future Tech Podcast and former manager of the official podcast. Headline speakers include: Tim Draper, the Billionaire venture capitalist, Erik Voorhees, one of the world’s most pre-eminent Bitcoin entrepreneurs, Charlie Shrem, founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, and more than fifty other thought leaders and respected players in the blockchain industry.

“The blockchain revolution is happening, and all signs point to 2018 being the year that cryptocurrency explodes into the mainstream”, said Mr. Jacobs. He adds: “This Super Conference is about bringing together the people who are actually leading this revolution, so they can show our attendees where the most exciting opportunities – and how they can get rich cryptocurrency gets too big.”

The Super Conference covers three days and includes an optional “beginners track” – a special orientation course for those who are new to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and want to get up to speed quickly on how this industry works.

The main conference will feature more than 45 headline speakers, whose talks will all converge around the following theme: how can regular, Average-Joe investors get in on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and reap outlandish profits when blockchain technology enters the mainstream soon?

As well as the main conference and the beginners track, there will also be a complimentary hackathon for kids, teens, and young adults, providing them with the perfect opportunity to get their hands dirty with blockchain technology while gaining valuable experience in entrepreneurship.

Registration for the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference is now open. Attendees who reserve their spot before the end of October will benefit from a discounted “Early Adopter” discount, a complimentary Super Conference t-shirt, and the chance to win cryptocurrency prizes.

Press contact:

Richard Jacobs
(888) 984-0070

About the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference:

This three-day conference will be held at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport from Friday February 16th to Sunday February 18th, 2018. We are expecting more than 800 attendees, at least 45 headline speakers, and upward of 50 exhibitors – with talks from founders, developers, and early-stage investors of blockchain startups, including many that are planning ICOs throughout 2018.

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