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Bitcoin Media Mogul Says Bitcoin’s Inventor “Must Be Forgotten”


The co-owner of some of bitcoin’s biggest websites, who gained such ownership in very unclear circumstances, said that bitcoin’s inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, “pushed dangerous ideas” and “must be forgotten.”

“His influence should disappear,” the pseudo-anonymous person said in a public statement. He is incredibly vocal, although why he cares so much is unclear. He says, for example:

“Current miners are ungrateful, disrespectful to the Bitcoin users, hostile, arrogant, rude, and too political. We have to fire them one day.”

Although on behalf of whom or what “we” this anonymous person speaks of is unclear. He is clearly not speaking on behalf of the market, so stating:

“If the market thinks 2X is Bitcoin then the market can go **** itself.” Apparently the market doesn’t know anything, he says:

“Market is not a superintelligent God able to resolve all disputes. Market is composed of human beings, most of whom are irrational.”

Indeed, perhaps a central committee that decides the price of bread (blocksize) is far more superior than the many who decide how much to produce and buy. That is why Russia is communist and North Korea is the richest country on earth.

And why just stop at prices of bread, why not rewrite history while we’re at it. Perhaps change the white paper and maybe change the name of the author too:

“Whitepaper is outdated and incorrect, promotes flawed understanding of Bitcoin, responsible for a lot of the “longest chain is Bitcoin,” he says.

Quite, so decentralized and messy. Let’s instead have this anonymous guy who as far as we know has achieved nothing and who may have even bought these websites decide just what is bitcoin.

Too much chaos with the free market and all these many miners deciding just what to produce to satisfy demand. They are “ungrateful, disrespectful to the Bitcoin users, hostile, arrogant, rude, and too political. We have to fire them one day,” according to this person.

And presumably replace them with whoever has most money to buy some website? Or whoever has most money to pay most of the developers? Or, how?

Because we are still waiting for an objective alternative to the longest chain. The only one that may have been provided is the “valid” longest chain, but that’s subjective, because who decides valid.

Certainly not the syllable nodes. We have already seen people bring up thousands of them in seconds. It’s not hard, you can even run it on your laptop!

“Incumbent on the community to work together and update the whitepaper so new users don’t start with flawed assumptions about the system,” he says.

La system. It must be oppressing him, all this decentralized network that runs on just some code. Let’s change it instead to run on the whims of some for profit company that undoubtedly has very high ideals and not much care of selling products to serve their investors.

Nay, it is Nakamoto that’s the problem. Not the millions that saw his invention to be good, and so took it up, and even call it honeybadger. It is the decentralized miners that are the problem, not the committee of developers who aims to decide the price of bread.

It is indeed the free market that’s the problem, not those that somehow, perhaps through free market means, suddenly get access to two of the oldest bitcoin sites.


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