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BitPay Might Add Bitcoin Cash, OKEx to Launch BCH Futures


Bitcoin’s biggest payment processor might, for the first time since it was launched back in 2011, add a second crypto to its offerings, BCH.

That’s, at least, what its CEO, Stephen Pair, strongly suggested in a public comment. Replying to a BCHer who said “you’ve been slung with mud on r/bitcoin because you support a simple temporary capacity increase to sustain your business model,” Pair stated:

“No matter what we say, we’ll be both loved and hated in this environment. So we just tune it out and continue to do what we think is right.

We do listen to our customers and for quite some time their number 1 complaint has been the high fees and slow confirmation times.

We really don’t like to pre-announce things though. Things move fast and plans can change at the last minute.”

He, of course, has, sort of, pre-announced something. Although, understandably, what plans there might be, may be shelved if facts change.

In another boost to the oldest, yet the newest, digital currency, OKEx, OKCoin’s futures exchange, stated earlier today:

“Based on popular request, the OKEx team has successfully completed the restructuring of our core system and we are looking to increase our range of futures contracts to ETH, ETC and BCC.

We do hope they rename it to BCH or XBC. It is far more useful for the memes and it has become fairly clear now that BCC only benefits what is an alleged literal ponzi high interest yield scheme.

Anyway, they further say that “ETH, ETC and BCC futures will be available from November 3rd.” Fairly surprising they are adding eth just now, but the addition of BCH is quite a win for bitcoin’s first fork.

Which has gained some momentum recently, with some comparing the atmosphere to what they felt back in 2013, when the young ones would go around merchants pestering them to accept bitcoin.

Buttcoiner would make fun of them, saying have you heard of our lord and saviour bitcoin, but it did actually work.

2014 was the best year and the worst year for bitcoin. The MT Gox disaster changed the mood, but that was somewhat canceled by the merchants, which came to its rescue.

The names are so many. Dell, Microsoft, Expedia. Even some magazines by Times Inc, on top of plenty others. While bitcoin’s price back then was going down, astute observers knew it was just temporary.

However, that celebratory mood, and even that movement of sorts, was ruined in 2015. Bitcoin had a nice problem, how to meet increased demand. But with no one to decide, it descended into chaos.

Merchant adoption went into the negative for the first time this year. Bitcoin was under attack. But you can’t attack code, nor a decentralized movement. BCH was born, reconnecting to the 2014 time-line.

Now the young ones, once more, go with their bible and silly ties on top of crisp white shirts, knocking on doors, asking grandmas with thick glasses whether they have heard of the new bitcoin.

Bitcoin is dead. Long live bitcoin!


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