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The Crypto Halloween


For your pleasure and entertainment, some pain, fear and terrorainment, we are to report from the scariest town on earth, where ghosts walk at night, and children chainsaw light.

Some say, only the dead live there. So be afraid and go check your coins, see if they’ve gone, mwahahahaa. If not, hold them tight for we are to go to the crypto-Halloween land. Dum dum durrrrrrrrmm…


Happy bitcoiner, walking down the street, singing his own beat… la la la look how happy am I, round and orange la, bright daylight a. La la la, sing with me you now, 6,000 aha, twinkle feet yaha, jumping rarara.

La la la, happy am I a

But as night falls, terror comes, the town transformed, in a feast of macrabeasts. The queen of darkness rises from the ashes, turning all into bots with her quadrillion of synapses connected to all corners of this wicked land.

An alliance forms to take her throne and cut her cords, free everyone. With an egg flashing light, soon to give birth, to a wretched form.

The Halloween egg.

At 12 midnight to the dot, some legs are seen all over the lot, with the creature trying to break the shell, knock knock, knock knock, until then it suddenly jumps, raaa


An army it commands, sent to all corners of the town, seducing children into Initial Consummation Offerings, to give power to the many legged, increase his many sharp saws so as to cut all cords, and then rule with scissor fist above all.

run fer yer life

But the queen, aware of all these moves, fights back with iron rule as soldiers are sent to crush the resurrection, and halt the reformation.

Oh no, not Bitcoin Cash!

With rule restored, just as the dawn returns, the retreat is on, as forces gather in the dark caves to fight another night, giving way to the party light.

Fear the Bubble

Normality is here. People look to the bubble boy and his escorting joy, so opening the party, bringing the music on this day of resurrection, this day of regeneration, this day of celebration.

Yo DJ… wow… hi, hey, can you, erm, turn the volume up.

The tune of fortuna mans the night as people shiver in the light with a yearly feast of ghosts and sugar blood yumy sweet chocolate in solidarity with the trees of life that shed their leafs for winter night so biting their time for that glorious spring bright.


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