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Björk Embraces Bitcoin


Björk, the multi-awards winning musician, is now accepting bitcoin for her latest album, Utopia, available on pre-order.

As a thanks, fans will receive 100 free audiocoins, currently worth around $0.25, with audiocoin being a somewhat confusing cryptocurrency that aims to encourage independent artists.

More interesting is Blockpool. A British based start-up that has facilitated Björk’s acceptance of bitcoin, litecoin and dash.

Björk accepting bitcoin

The cryptocurrencies are accepted through an API implementation which Blockpool says facilitates “intersystem communication” allowing “plugins legacy systems [to] finally be able to share datasets.”

The somewhat brief, but buzzword heavy, whitepaper, describes a system of a Blockpool master chain (public chain) to which sidechains (or private chains) can connect.

The intention appears to be a sort of turn key solution where you just plug and play with the design appearing to aim integration with current legacy systems.

They raised $1.7 million recently in an ICO and have clearly scored big with Björk, the first major artist to accept bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The reason might be because Kevin Bacon, the start-up’s CEO, is himself a somewhat well known musician and producer with some 14 albums.

“This isn’t about jumping on a bandwagon or trying to get rich quick. It’s about doing things where you use blockchain and the crypto benefits in ways that people haven’t thought of yet. And in this case, very much led by Björk and her team’s creative vision for what this technology can do,” Bacon said.

Björk is the second major artist to test cryptocurrencies following Imogen Heap’s attempts last year with blockchain’s technology through ethereum.

In Björk’s case, the integration is in some ways less ambitious, so simply accepting bitcoin rather than trying to use blockchain technology for digital rights management (DRM) or more fully integrate the tech aspects.

With Björk’s acceptance of bitcoin so seemingly being limited to its use as a currency only, although Blockpool does say:

“For this project Blockpool looked at both a checkout plugin and also used it’s proprietary blockchain integration technology to build a smart rewards system,” which presumably refers to the free audiocoins.

Further artists may now follow as Björk’s embrace of bitcoin may raise the use of cryptocurrencies, with this integration being the latest sign of bitcoin’s continued increase in popularity.

The currency is verging on mainstream adoption as its awareness, and in many cases usage, reaches global levels.


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