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Press Release: Bank4YOU Group Presents Mobile Money Remittance System on Blockchain at Finovate Asia 2017


On 7th of November David Agar, the CEO of Bank4YOU Group, is going to present the demo version of the Bank4YOU e-wallet app with MMRS system to a vast community of fintech innovators at one of the most influential conferences in the world – FinovateAsia.

Each user of Bank4You’s mobile wallet will soon have an account where tokens can be stored in different local currencies as well as in the ICO BFY token. Users can use available tokens for money remittances, or can exchange them for inner MMR tokens local fiat currencies through an agent system or use as payment for goods and services.

Vice president of business development in Africa Paul Scott explains benefits of BFY token: “BFY token holders will be in a very strong, almost unique position to take advantage of those markets where mobile money penetration is becoming pervasive, and especially in those markets where mobile penetration will continue to increase as more people have access to affordable connectivity solutions through large-scale deployments, funded by corporate and developmental funding alike.”

The first phase of the ICO begins on November 6, 2017, at 12 p.m. London Time (UTC+0) and will last until January 31, 2018, 10 p.m. or until the hard cap of $50 million has been reached. ICO rounds are scheduled as shown below, with existing token holders receiving significant discounts:

1. 6.11.17 – 12.11.17 Purchase BFY tokens with 20% discount.
2. 13.11.17 – 26.11.17 15% discount.
3. 27.11.17 – 17.12.17 10% discount.
4. 18.12.17 – 31.01.18 Last round with ordinary rates for BFY.

CTO of the MMRS project Marcelo Ferreira concludes: “In addition to buying the BFY at a discount during ICO, when they are available for trading in the market, the user/investor can hold the BFY betting on their valuation or trading at the market value already winning the spread of the discount offered during ICO. Outside of this obvious concept of token purchase of an ICO, there is the differential that the user can use the BFY within the Bank4YOU app and receive bonuses (described in the WP).”

About the company: Bank4YOU Group is not a start-up, but an established international consortium of fin-tech service companies operating within the electronic mobile payment services arena. FCA License No715451, issued by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority authorizes Bank4YOU to provide credit.

This is a press release. Trustnodes has not undertaken any verification of any of the above statements and any statement contained therein is not necessarily endorsed by Trustnodes. Readers are strongly advised to do your own research. 


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