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Seed Vault to ICO and Tokenize the Bots


The robots are here. They “have influenced elections, changed group sentiment, and now outnumber people on the internet.” Your job might soon be theirs as “AI will impact 47% of jobs by 2025.” And, it appears, many of us do for one welcome our new overlords:

“85% of users are more likely to follow directions from an AI than a person –
especially when it comes to health care.”

That’s because we see them as more objective. Sort of like maths, with if:then, while:else. So their use is going parabolic as we are told “the use of virtual customer assistants (VCAs) will jump by 1,000% by 2020.”

The scale of upcoming change we can’t quite see as anything that can be automated will be automated in a fourth industrial revolution. But luddites are shouting about job losses at potentially a scale never seen.

Some, in Silicon Valley, are terrified about a potential mass uprising against the owners of bots. They are sending home prices in New Zealand to new highs, while others build shelters in forests.

Detached in a rich filtered bubble, or do they know something we don’t? An over-reaction to Trump’s election which showed the masses can no longer be controlled, or a well placed fear that it is just the beginning of a mass movement?

The answer might be both or neither as reality is far more complex and it includes a new phenomena that might make us, rather than fear, actually fall in love with bots.

Tokenization can be a way to financially liberate the masses and democratize finance as the means of wealth creation are opened to all with time and intelligence to analyse the many innovative offerings and ICOs.

The current way it is being done is somewhat crude and fairly simple compared to the more advanced Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

But even in its current incremental implementation, the token acts as a stock of sorts, as an IPO, as a currency, as seed funding, as the water-rivers of a closed/local/project economy, and as an algorithmic code.

It is the means by which anyone can take part in the digital revolution. And that includes the bots themselves, which are now in control of much of our world.

Instead of centralizing them in the hands of the few who may be tempted to enslave us, their ownership can be distributed in the hands of the many who enrich with the advance of progress.

And, one company, is already offering the option. Botanic Technologies, a bot development company based in San Francisco, California, is licensing their technology to Seed Vault, who will open-source and tokenize their system through the use of blockchain technology.

“Today’s bots are able to collect a vast array of data points about their users. Much more than words typed into a webpage” says Mark Stephen Meadows, CEO of Botanic Technologies, before adding:

“Assistants can now measure our voices, emotions, and motivations with virtually no privacy safeguards in place. I don’t think the world has truly grasped the scale and value of the data at stake when it comes to AI.

Botanic’s proven technology has privacy at its core, and will help Seed Vault create a more equitable model that puts the future of AI in the hands of the many so that end users’ values are respected.”

The tokenized bot economy

Their prospectus whitepaper describes an ecosystem of bot components that developers can send to a market place with even non coders then able to put it all together and run their own bots.

“We have licensed a range of Botanic’s technology, including patents and tools, which form the basis of our vision to provide a tokenized, open source, approach to bots,” Nathan Shedroff, Executive Director of Seed Vault, said before adding:

“Today, the big six internet companies dominate AI and we believe that must change before it’s too late. Seed Vault will give developers and companies access to a core bot platform to build conversational AI interfaces. Those developers are rewarded with SEED utility tokens and so too are bot users that choose to share data via bot interactions. It’s all underpinned by our own distributed ledger.”

The start-up has attracted investment by Outlier Ventures, a blockchain focused VC firm, which has also formed a strategic partnership with Botanics. Jamie Burke, CEO of Outlier Ventures, says:

“The ability to authenticate bots, their creators and their interactions using distributed ledgers is essential to building trusted AI that sees mainstream adoption.”

It may also be necessary to address luddite’s concerns. With an open economy where anyone can take part and invest, no one might be left behind.

Instead, it may be the case this time we all benefit from the advances of technology and intellect as a new generation rises to implement and take advantage of potentially the most far reaching invention of man so far, computer code.


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