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The Crypto Enlightenment


Code will soon rule us all. From the information we receive and the sort of entertainment we choose, to how machines operate and entire economies run themselves.

Already deep algorithms have considerable influence upon our lives. With data being crunched, processed, and analysed at an unimaginable speed and scale.

This is our code. Written by imperfect humans, who are biased, consciously or otherwise, who are selfish, even potentially beyond legal morals, who are prone to make mistakes.

We should never let code rule upon us for we shall always rule upon ourselves. We should never see code as objective for it is written by subjective men.

Code is but a tool, crafted by us, to be used by us, to serve us. It should never be our master, nor should we ever bow down to it. It should always be our slave.

And if our code does not respond to our intentions due to a mistake we may have made, we shall change the code as we please, whenever we please.

For code shall never stand above morals. Theft is theft, whether through code or other means. Victims are victims, whether of code or other means.

The latter shall never be blamed for the actions of plunderers. And where there is no blame, it is always the code to blame. For the code is always imperfect, so written by imperfect men.

Men who should not tremble at using this great new tool of scientific invention, for there will be a safety net for mistakes as they are inevitable.

And when there are mistakes we shall change the code, so that it bends to our will, so that it serves us, so that it does what we actually asked it to, not just in the written code but in the spirit of that writing.

And the way we decide whether to change it and when is by asking in an objective way what a reasonable man down the street would do.

Would he think, considering all the facts, the code should be changed or not? The answer is often obvious. And when that is the case, the code should be changed, to keep with the spirit of the code.

Developers need not tremble when creating new projects that their years of effort and hard work might all come down crashing due to an inevitable bug.

Investors need not fear it might all go in flame due to an inevitable oversight. Or that billions may be lost causing systemic chaos.

Because this is all just a tool, to be used as we like, to better our own lives and that of others, with the code serving us, rather than us serving the code. For the machine will be enslaved.


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