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The Crypto Religion


A cross of code is being raised which turns what we write into immutable scripture. Our ifs and thens are law, we are told, even when we mistype. And if we make a mistake we must repent, bow down to the holy code and tremble next time when we utter those while loops.

In a godless age, code is being turned into god. So sacred is what we type that it must never be changed. Lest impure humans interfere with the purity of the code we write.

Even though we are so imperfect, we’ll find perfection in our own typings. Even though we are blessed with the ability to shape the code we write, we shall never do so. Instead, we must impose the laws of physics to the digital realm.

What is written, is written. And if someone can manipulate that writing, the rules shall never be changed, lest we then change them as we please whenever we like, without an anchor.

An immutable reality in the digital realm must be created where no man or group of men can interfere outside of the rules as enshrined in code.

And if any of them is smart enough to wreck havoc, let it be his gain, as long as the rules have been obeyed. For as long as one obeys those rules there are no other rules.

Theft is a sin of the ancients, not of this age. In the digital realm, the skill and ability to appropriate property belonging to another is to be hailed, for he is smarter than the rest.

Morals have been banished. There is no right or wrong, only if the code rules have been obeyed or not. If they have, then theft is the victim’s fault.

The one that got plundered should have written better code. How dare he utter such holy words of if and then without ensuring absolute perfection? How smart the thief, who was more in unison with god-code and could see better how it all works?

And if the low lifes send to the wrong address with the funds burned, it is their fault for communicating with holy code without taking due care and respect, without purifying their hands first.

The god code punished them for their sins. How else do you explain a noob suddenly burning $150 million if it wasn’t a punishment for their utter incompetence in uttering impure code?

Code will soon rule the world. Algorithms of incredible complexity will run every part of our life. We must worship it as holy. We must enshrine it into stone. We must never change it once it is written. The machine will save us all.


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  1. i just had to commend this post….this is impeccable and a creative way of expressing ones self….i hope i become so good at blogging too

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