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Vitalik Buterin Silenced, Won’t Comment on Bitcoin Issues Any More


The priesthood got him. Vitalik Buterin, ethereum’s inventor, has been silenced, with the once darling of bitcoin who founded the Bitcoin Magazine stating:

“Ok, I am going to just stop commenting on bitcoin issues almost entirely and focus on ethereum tech.

I think the community needs to go through a lot of healing, and the firebrands on all sides that are so sure that their side is righteous and the other evil deeply worry me.”

That was just a day after he congratulated Bitcoin Cash for briefly overtaking ethereum and gaining second position and soon after he stated:

“I consider BCH a legitimate contender for the bitcoin name. I consider bitcoin’s failure to raise block sizes to keep fees reasonable to be a large (non-consensual) change to the “original plan”, morally tantamount to a hard fork.”

That attracted a lot of base name calling with attempts to discredit him as a smear machine kicked in, culminating in his self-censorship.

But not before he explained why he changed his initial views to build the first ethereum version on bitcoin, with Vitalik Buterin stating:

“The very earliest versions of ETH protocol were a counterparty-style metacoin on top of primecoin. Not Bitcoin because the OP_RETURN wars were happening at the time and given what certain core devs were saying at the time, I was scared that protocol rules would change under me (eg. by banning certain ways to encode data in txs) to make it harder, and I did not want to build on a base protocol whose dev team would be at war with me.

And OP_RETURN did end up getting censored down to 40 bytes. So I think it’s fair to say that this willingness to compromise protocol immutability to achieve a desired outcome in a particular application (hmm, sound familiar?) made ETH on BTC even then a nonstarter.

That said, perhaps they did a service. Back then I never would have imagined that fees would ever be allowed to rise above $0.20.”

In a different time-line, bitcoin might have had rich smart contracts like ethereum, in this time-line it has $20 fees and a congested network with transactions stuck for days.

It now also has self-censorship, on top of the explicit censorship applied in many of bitcoin’s public communication channels.


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