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The Internet Archive Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash


It was quite some time ago that one of the few ways you could make use of your bitcoin was to donate some of it to the internet archive.

The not-for profit live museum of webpages even went so far as to pay some of their employees in bitcoin to participate in the formation of a virtuous circle where consumers, merchants, employees and suppliers all only use the currency.

Now, one of the few ways you can make use of bitcoin cash is by donating some of it to the internet archive, which has quietly added the option.

Screenshot of the internet archive’s donation page after it ads bitcoin cash.

Those similarities for bitcoin cash with the early days of bitcoin, circa 2013, go a bit further than the pioneering merchants.

Because bchers have brushed up old posters now unusable for bitcoin and have adapted them to what some of them view as the real bitcoin, bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin Cash v Western Union

And just like those early days some are out there evangelizing the new gospel of peer to peer, decentralized, permissionless, nearly free and pretty much instant, internet money.

Much sellotape.

Our now live nostalgia wouldn’t be complete without “detractors” tearing down the posters, encouraging the use of much sellotape and posting date which protects it by law for 70 days.

But this time those detractors are actually bitcoiners, or at least so they claim. Quite a curious fact considering almost all of them actually have bitcoin cash, and certainly had on August 1st if they held any bitcoin.

Which probably means quite a lot of them do actually support bitcoin cash, but there’s always that one guy who lacks much IQ and thinks he is being smart when actually even dumb people would not be too proud.

It wouldn’t be much fun without them, nor would we enjoy the same dynamics, vibrancy, passion and intensity without a little bit of friendly rivalry.

Because at the end of the day, bitcoin cash is the best thing that could have happened to bitcoin. The asset has doubled since the fork. The combined value is above its all time high. While all the bitcoin forks have briefly reached $10,000.

That’s value creation in its finest, with the free market given exactly what it wants, cash or gold or both or perhaps smart contracts, in a spirited rhapsody of innovation.


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