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The Crypto Movement


“Something big is happening. Is there a wave of new “money” sweeping the globe… part of the sovereignty movement — from the Kurds to Catalonia and Brexit to Trump — or… is it somehow akin to the decentralized “Occupy” movement of a few years ago… Is there something about today’s political atmosphere that is contributing to the growth of bitcoin?”

So asks a baby boomer Washington DC hack. Seemingly oblivious to the fact banks crashed and bankrupted nations. Just as oblivious to the fact that obviously there needs to be a solution. And digital currencies might be it.

“The rise and potential fall of digital currencies will have consequences. In Washington we need more adult supervision and behavior, and less of whatever is happening now,” he concludes, referring to a Washington that probably doesn’t even know what HTML is.

A Washington so helpless they think Russian memes is what done it. Presumably because they can’t quite comprehend how Trump, whatever his faults, could have possibly energized a generation.

Lady Libery

Look at this great city. What once were fine buildings are now decaying. Even lady liberty has not been washed! Presumably as an intentional and visible symbol of just how much Washington has polluted our civil liberties in the past nearly two decades.

New York looks bankrupt. Decades of war do that to any budget. So Trump’s biggest victory so far might be not the defeat of ISIS, but the locking down of Washington DC, which he has in part grinded to a halt.

Giving this space, and more widely the doers, the builders, the makers, and even the thinkers, the freedom to create value without the meddling of an out of touch captured political class.

A generation is rising that aims to end a chapter of war, hate and destruction, and bring back that yellow sunshine of peace, not by gun or pen, but by code.

While Washington’s vision continues to be that of conflict, with paranoid war profiteers imagining ghostly enemies everywhere (why do we hate Russia again?), this space offers a vision of invention and technological advancement.

The world is not a zero sum game, there is no fixed pie, scarcity, of even land, is a fiction. Musk will colonize Mars, and had he been given the trillions that were used for destruction he would have colonized the next galaxy too.

Because our ingenuity keeps increasing. Robots do backflips now! Something that was said to be impossible, yet is here.

While the baby boomers, who are still stuck in the 60s, went on chasing ghosts, this generation went on proceeding in that tradition of Tesla, Einstein, even Galileo, finally bringing back a new Renascence of sorts, as the digital revolution once more promises to liberate us all.

Walls are being brought down. The tricks of banking committees are now the tricks of everyone. The privileges of 1% are now the privileges of all as “accredited investors” now accredit themselves.

And it has only just begun. From music to fine art, fishing to manufacturing, banking to accounting, even law courts, that ultimate symbol of conservatism, are to be upgraded and digitized.

Just as the transition from the spoken word to the written word, the ongoing transition to code will enrich our nations in all stratas of society.

And for that, Washington should thank us and back us. Because they have no solutions, while we do. Because they have bankrupted this nation, while we are re-building it. Because they have stranded us in debt, while we are creating true money.

Money that you can’t just manipulate as Zimbabwe or Venezuela did or many other nations, including very rich ones, before them. Money that doesn’t take days to go from Britain to America. Money that isn’t artificially and unconstitutionally imposed in contravention of Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution which says “No State shall… make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.”

The benefits of equitable money can be in the order of magnitudes for all. Money that is just code, allowing it to move quickly across the globe, while allowing those backflipping robots to hold some of it too.

Money that is not controlled by anyone, but by everyone. That can be incorporated in all necessary aspects, increasing efficiency and thus productivity. Money that is truly digital.

As such, something big is indeed happening here. The best of a generation have stood up to the challenge of addressing some of the real problems with many seeing their solutions are good, thus a movement naturally forming.

A scientific movement, which doesn’t ask for anything except for the freedom to engage in value creation. Which doesn’t have any political demands, nor requests. For much of the political class is inept, not due to lacking any intelligence, but because many of the problems facing us are incredibly complex.

They are therefore not talking, not debating, but doing, coding. Not imposing, but offering choice. Not demanding that anyone should do anything, but simply showing what they have built.

And what they have built many like. Indeed, they are flocking. For its foundations are built on some of the biggest discoveries of the past 50 years, as well as some of the greatest insights.


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  1. This is very lovely, almost like a manifesto. I agree with it all the way, I think that we have to believe in the new generations and we have to listen, engage and try to understand because the future belongs to the young. Do not be stuck in your old foolish ideas just for the sake of being right, which the older tends to do. If you are old you have two choices, either you try to fight for the sake of the status quo knowingly that you will loose or you join the young and try to understand the future that you may or very likely will not participate. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are here to stay, maybe not in this form as we see now but definitely TO STAY. If you over 60 do yourself a favor: Go to the nearest bar and start asking questions about what is happening in coding and make sure that you ask someone under 35 and it can be the barman or the waitress. If you do that few things may happen, you may make lots of money and the best of all you may stay alive a bit longer (I am 66). Good luck to all of you coders, cryptographs and alt coin developers….

  2. Not all boomers are sitting on the sidelines during this revolution. Yes, you’re correct that some are “stuck in the 60s” but remember that the 1960s was a time of great upheaval with clashes between a sclerotic status quo and a new generation that wasn’t having any of it. It was the boomers who demonstrated for an end to an unjust and unpopular war, who helped usher in the movements for civil rights, women’s rights, equality before the law regardless of race, religious affiliation, gender and more. You may discount what my generation is now doing, which essentially is nothing, actually standing in the way of needed change. But don’t discount what was accomplished in decades past, when many lost their lives in the great fight for progress.

    It’s your turn now, and as a boomer I applaud and support you fully. There are many, many of us. We may not be on the front lines of current change, but we’re certainly NOT supporting the blockages you mention. We’re just as disgusted and frustrated as you are.

    Please don’t forget, you’re standing on the shoulders of those who came before you, those who fought just as hard for progress and a better world, using the tools available during their time. Without the valiant efforts and sacrifices made in times past, the world we live in today would be vastly different.

  3. “So Trump’s biggest victory so far might be not the defeat of ISIS” This is really silly. The ISIS fight has been on for over a year now and has little to do with anything Trump did.

    And the ideas here are not even cogent while ascribing war victory over ISIS to the same guy banging on new war drums with NK and in the same breath suggesting he is empowering a generation that “aims to end a chapter of war, hate and destruction, and bring back that yellow sunshine of peace, not by gun or pen, but by code.”

    And then finally to end the inanity the article frames a question (why do we hate Russia again?). As if someone declared a hatred of Russia anywhere. Looks like all that a reputable investigator assigned by his own justice dept, and a Congress led by his own party is asking is to get to the bottom of if Russia tried to undermine their country. And maybe at the same time Russia can give back the land they grabbed from Ukraine in Crimea, a really major encroachment in the 2000s where countries had stopped grabbing lands from weaker ones.

    Overall this article was an embarrassment on many counts. Other than that cryptocurrencies are great and a really good idea.

  4. Stop mixing cryptocurrency and politics. If you want to write politics just submit it to a political journal.

    There is no reason why trump was mentioned or associated with crypto. Or indeed any government unless it relates to policy.

    As far as why hate Russia? I don’t know anyone that hates Russia. I never met anyone from Russia I did not like. Some people do not like Putin and his policies or how they have helped kill millions in Syria by propping up the 40yr dictator there. Good thing he had no interest in Zimbabwe or their dictator there would be propped up there and people will be shedding blood for the next few years. Or his take over of Crimea and additional parts of Ukraine sending troops in and lying to the world so obviously.

    Its just as possible for many around the world to not hate America but detest its current leader who mocks the disabled, attacks women with blood comments, and keeps sowing hatred on twitter. Heck majority of Americans did not even vote for the guy so why should he be conflated with the entire country or what its millenialsare doing with crypto.

    Why conflate a government and the people (Russia) when you write about crypto? Or even worse a people and an individual who happens to be head of the government at a point in time. Crypto is about the people not their government.

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