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Press Release: Gold-Backed Darico Gets Set For ICO


Darico, the asset-backed cryptocurrency that’s been designed to provide aspiring investors with easy-access to crypto investment, is set to press the “Go” button on its pre-ICO, at midnight, 30th November.

Following months of development, the Darico team is ready to start raising the funds that will be used to buy the gold, Bitcoin and Ether with which the currency is backed.

In a crypto environment that too often uses complexity as a selling point, Darico prides itself on its simple proposition. It’s a coin backed by 55% Bitcoin and 10% Ether in order to gain access to returns from the cryptocurrency boom but which is also hedged with 35% gold, so it can potentially ride the downtimes more smoothly than other investment coins.

The result is a coin designed specifically to give investors safer and easier access to crypto investment.

“Cryptocurrencies are already an important part of the investment ecosystem but even now, eight years after the first Bitcoins were mined, most people don’t know how to get involved,” said Mojtaba Asadian, Founder and CEO of Darico, before adding:

“The cryptocurrency markets are characterized by their volatility, illiquidity and the correlations in value between currencies. We’ve designed Darico as a crypto asset that avoids these problems because gold, which for centuries has been used as a physical reserve asset, gives Darico holders exposure to the conventional asset markets.”

Launching on 30th November, buyers of Darico coins will also receive access to auto-mining Genesis accounts that will continue to emit new Darico coins on a pre-scheduled basis for the next 18 years. Asadian says:

“The Genesis accounts are a brilliant innovation that ensure a steady supply of Darico for the next 18 years. By taking part in the ICO, buyers of Darico coins will receive a Genesis account that guarantees their holdings will continue to grow [in token amounts] on a regular basis.”

As a cryptocurrency, Darico can be bought or sold by anyone operating in a jurisdiction where cryptocurrencies are not prohibited, so holders may range from financial institutions to retail investors by way of sophisticated high net worth investors and family offices looking to diversify their investment portfolios.

“Darico represents an important step forward for cryptocurrency investment,” said Mojtaba Asadian, Founder of Darico, before further adding:

“It really does open the door to retail investors who have wanted to gain exposure to the crypto markets but have either not had the technical expertise to know how to access them or have found the volatility and illiquidity off-putting.

Darico is an easy-to-understand asset that provides a straightforward pathway into cryptocurrency investment, while also offering the protection of gold, the best known safe haven asset.”

This is a press release. Trustnodes has not undertaken any verification of any of the above statements and any statement contained therein is not necessarily endorsed by Trustnodes. Readers are strongly advised to do your own research. 


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