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Bitcoiners Run Out of Memes as Price Just Keeps on Rising


An emergency situation has developed in bitcoin with alarm bells raised as what many thought was impossible has apparently happened or is about to happen.

After more than a year of price rises with it all now going vertical, bitcoiners have apparently somehow run out of memes in an astonishing twist of the crypto show.

“$12k came so fast that we didn’t have memes prepared. Now it looks like the same thing is about to happen with $13k,” a meme produces says.

Gasps were heard when someone suggested that perhaps meme rationing needs to be implemented to keep reserves for big numbers, such as $20,000 or $50,000.

“Looks like a single grand isn’t much to us anymore,” a bitcoiner says to the astonishment of saddened onlookers who now don’t know how to celebrate anymore.

$2k in a day. What a life.

As bitcoiners were left scratching their head over this intractable situation, we went over to a forgotten corner of the internet where, we were told, meme masters hang out.

Nooooo not that one, that’s secret you idiot! aaaaaaaa… oops, laluminatus got him. That’s not laluminaturs, that’s the WangChung Syndicate. Ohhh noooo. Hey, you guys, can you get off the mic, everyone can here you. S****!

They were apparently celebrating a birthday and reminiscing about the good old days when they drove fast cars, stylish cars, better than lambos!

Wow such fast bitcoin price.

To our astonishment, 500 meme masters were online, with the place full of memes, much yellow, very happy. So we went undercover, camouflaged, put on a fake mustache, and started copying everything.

After painless hours to try and find the rarest bitcoin meme to address this urgency of shortages, the meme masters gave us this gift.

Go forth to your people and bring them yellow, they told us. So like heroes we climbed the mountains and the fields, swimming seas to rush to print.

Yeah right, you were sitting on your chair having your morning coffee. Shut up. And all of this is fiction right. What, the memes are real. You guys, will you blinking stop giving away all the secrets. Close the channel, close the… But what about the memes?

Where we are going mate, we don’t need memes, we are the memes meow. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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