Bitcoin Jumps $700 in Seconds After Futures Launch – Trustnodes

Bitcoin Jumps $700 in Seconds After Futures Launch


Within seconds of bitcoin futures launching, spot price began instantly and very quickly moving up, rising to a high of $16,300 from around $14,600, up almost $2,000.

Expected volatility followed, with bitcoin’s spot price falling by $1,300 within five minutes, before jumping up and down again to settle at a current price of around $15,600 at the time of writing.

Bitcoin’s price action minutes after futures launch.

CBOE’s futures page crashed, presumably due to heavy demand, with us and many others frantically refreshing to get those first stats.

When we gained a brief glimpse, bitcoin futures were shown to be almost $1,000 above spot price.

CBOE first futures stats.

Wall Street, therefore, seems to be just as bullish as the rest of us, with future prices opening, and standing at the time of writing, hundreds of dollars higher than spot price.

So launching a new era for the asset when the new, in many ways, seems little different than the old.

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